Schools have suspended 3,275 unruly pupils

for sexual misconduct, 45 for drugs and alcohol offences, 44 for theft and 74 for damage to property.

Statistics for the borough’s special schools revealed more than 8.38 per cent of students were given temporary exclusions during 2009-10.

Doncaster’s children’s services director Chris Pratt said: “We recognise and are concerned by the number of fixed-term exclusions in Doncaster’s secondary schools.

“The number of permanent exclusions is, however, in line with the national average.

“We have carried out a fundamental review of our behaviour support provision and services, and in June introduced a new service model which is far more inclusive.

“We expect that over time this will reduce the number of young people out of school.”

Rotherham’s total of just over 2,000 cases represents 10 per cent of the secondary population.

Barnsley’s figure of 513 was easily the lowest in the Yorkshire and Humber region, at just under four per cent.

Barnsley’s director of education Judith Harwood also pointed out that not a single pupil was permanently excluded.

She hailed that as an ‘outstanding outcome’ for the town.

Almost 4,000 Sheffield secondary pupils were suspended from classes during 2009-10.

More than a quarter of those pupils had been thrown out of school for physically or verbally abusing staff.