Schoolboy dived into pool to save life of six-year-old girl

Tom Heath, 17, of 103 (Doncaster) Squadron Air Training Corps, saved a collapsed man in the street
Tom Heath, 17, of 103 (Doncaster) Squadron Air Training Corps, saved a collapsed man in the street

A pupil at a Doncaster school saved the life of a child while he was working as a lifeguard, his headteacher has revealed.

And another pupil at the same school, Balby Carr Community Academy, sprang into action to save a man who had collapsed in the street.

Now the life-saving actions of the two youngsters have inspired the academy to train all willing pupils and staff in CPR.

The Restart a Heart Day, part of a Europe-wide initiative, will take place tomorrow at Balby Carr Community Academy, when hundreds will be trained to use life-saving techniques.

Academy headteacher John Innes said the two incidents that involved Balby Carr students directly within the last 12 months have emphasised the importance of knowing how to act in emergencies.

He said: “One of our Year 12 students, Charlie Baird, is a part time lifeguard for his swimming pool in Worksop, where a six-year-old girl went under when he was on duty.

“He spotted she had not come up from the water, then went in and pulled her out before CPR was administered. His actions saved her life.

“Another of our sixth form students, Tom Heath, is a flight sergeant in the air cadets.

“He was on his way home from 103 (Doncaster) Squadron when he saw an unconscious man.

“Thomas quickly remembered his first aid qualifications he had received with the air cadets.

“He cleared some space around the gentleman and discovered his tongue was obstructing his airway.

“Working quickly, he managed to unblock this and the individual restarted breathing.

“The paramedics then arrived to take over the treatment and take the man to hospital to recover.

“Like Charlie, Thomas’ quick-thinking actions saved a life.

“So when my PA, Charlotte Reed, alerted me to the Restart a Heart Day, we thought it would be great if we could get the academy engaged.”

Doncaster MP Rosie Winterton is also lending her support to the day of action.

The MP will be in the academy to encourage those taking part in the training during the day.

Six volunteers from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service will make the journey to Balby Carr Community Academy to train all those students and staff who want to take part in the initiative.

The school says it hopes they will acquire skills that could save somebody’s life.

A total of 35 mini mannequins will be used in the training.

They have been donated by the British Heart Foundation charity.

The academy is hoping to help Yorkshire Ambulance achieve its target of teaching cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, to more than 15,000 children on Friday.