Scheme to turn coal into cash

Bullcroft Colliery, showing chimney demolition
Bullcroft Colliery, showing chimney demolition

Doncaster could mine an untapped fortune thanks to a plan to extract thousands of tonnes of coal from a colliery spoil tip.

The former Bullcroft Colliery near Carcroft and Skellow has been earmarked for reclamation – and more than 280,000 tonnes of coal could be salvaged to draw in extra cash for the community.

And if the scheme to sell off coal deposits proves a hit, and also returns the site to parkland, the project could be rolled out to other former colliery sites across the region – unlocking a further potential cash windfall for the town.

The counci-owned site is now a community parkland, but a report discussed by the authority’s ruling cabinet said there were a number of ‘ongoing problems’ associated with the area and it was hoped the proposal, which was given the green light, would eliminate some of these.

The report said: “An opportunity exists to extract and sell the coal deposits from within the tip mound and use the profits generated to deliver a number of positive outcomes for the local community and the council.

“It is proposed that the council tender the above opportunity and enter into contract with a suitably qualified company to deliver the scheme.”

The coal can be extracted only with the consent of the Coal Authority and it is thought the scheme could raise £28,000 which would be spent on sprucing up the community.

Specialist companies will be invited to tender to undertake the work with the successful firm making a financial contribution of 10 pence per tonne of coal sold, creating a ‘Health and Wellbeing Fund’ which would be used on projects promoting health activities within the community.

The report also said that, during the work, there could potentially be problems with dust, noise and traffic, but controls would be put in place to prevent problems for residents.

No timescale has been set for the project to start.