Scheme launched in Crowle a huge success

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A reading scheme that was launched in the Isle of Axholme has been such a success it is to be extended across the whole of North Lincolnshire.

The Imagination Library scheme, launched in Crowle in February, is the brainchild of country and western star Dolly Parton and aims to inspire children to read more.

As part of the project, all pre-school children, from birth up to four years and 10-months-old, are eligible to register through their local children’s centre.

Once a child has been registered they will receive a book each month by post. They will then receive an appropriate book for their age every month until their fifth birthday.

Since the launch of the pilot scheme in February there have been a range of events across children’s centres, pre-schools, and libraries in the Isle.

North Lincolnshire Council hopes to extend such events across the borough.

A spokeswoman for the council said: “The Imagination Library brings many benefits to young people - giving them the best start in life. It is important that preschool children are provided with the best facilities to give them a head start when they begin school.

“Early development of language and communication skills in children is essential and the Imagination Library is a great inspiration to get more children involved in reading from an early age.

“The pilot scheme in Crowle and the Isle of Axholme has been a fantastic success and we are now expanding the scheme to benefit even more pre-school children across North Lincolnshire. By early next year the scheme will have reached all local communities.”

For more information about the Imagination Library visit the Imagination Library pages on the council’s website at