Salaried foster scheme to attract carers from Isle

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A new scheme to encourage more foster carers to come forward has been launched by North Lincolnshire Council.

In its initial run, the scheme will give four foster carers a fixed salary.

Additional cash may, it is hoped, attract more people to be willing to take on the job of looking after older children or those who have additional needs.

It is more easy for the council to find carers to look after younger children or those complex care needs.

A new fee-based foster carer scheme offers additional fees above the standard fostering allowance if carers look after children with additional needs.

It will see four foster homes enter into a contract of employment, to receive an annual salary of £21,000. On top of that would be a foster allowance relevant to the age of the child or young person.

The paid foster carers will be recruited, assessed and approved in the same way as mainstream foster carers in accordance with national fostering standards, regulations and recruitment process.

For a non-commitment chat or an information pack, please call 01724 297024 or visit the website

The fostering service welcomes enquiries from people aged 21 plus who have a spare room in their home. It particularly wants to hear from those who have experience of working with children and young people or who have worked in other caring professions.

If you decide to take on the challenge, you will be joining a fostering service that Ofsted judged as ‘outstanding’ last year.

Coun Rob Waltham, cabinet member for People at North Lincolnshire Council, said: “I’m delighted that, for the first time, we are to have a number of actual foster care positions where successful applicants will look after older children and those with additional needs – the areas where we find it more difficult to recruit.

“We all know that foster carers do an outstanding job and are very special people who give their time to help others because they believe they can make a difference and they do.

“Though challenging at times, fostering can be very rewarding, giving carers a sense of achievement.

“The new scheme will complement the existing fostering scheme that is already in place and will ensure that we have the right care for our children in need.”