Sailor Tina all at sea

A SAILOR from Doncaster is playing a key role in a major Royal Navy deployment in the Mediterranean and Middle east.

Tina Tupman, who used to be a sales assistant in family firm Ward Brothers in Waterdale, Doncaster, is now serving on board HMS Albion, the Royal Navy’s flagship.

Tina, a former pupil of Ridegwood School and Hall Cross School, works in HMS Albion’s logistics department in a role known as a “writer”.

“I’m responsible for a whole range of duties, from issung foreigh currency to dealing with the ship’s mail,” said Tina, who joined the navy in March 2010.

However, when HMS Albion is at “action stations” Tina is part of an emergency response team, primed to react to fires, floods and battle damage.

HMS Albion was deployed off the coast of Libya to increase pressure on Colonel Gaddafi.