In the Saddle: Educating Anita

It's been relatively quiet few weeks with the horses as we head full on into winter.

Thursday, 18th January 2018, 8:42 am
Updated Thursday, 18th January 2018, 8:45 am

I've been filling this time by taking on another British Horse Society exam in Essential Horse Knowledge. With lots of training undertaken and revision being done ready for my exam. Natalie Roberts is my horse trainer for April and I and I've already completed the entry level exam passing this year with 100%.

During our training we had spotted a local lecture, held for free, by my horse vets and decided to go along and see what it was all about.

The evening was educating horse clients joint care and th programmed involved a talk from one of my vets (and the first to meet my foal last year) Ellie Griffiths from the Equine Veterinary Centre (EVC) on 'Intelligent worming', followed by Damien Cain (EVC) discussing lameness diagnosis. Richard Coppack (EVC) talked about arthritis treatment and management, with Rachel Agass (from the Rainbow Equine Hospital where my horse April was sent years ago) specialising in equine joint health and bone surgeries. They ended the evening with Shiwon Green from the company '4CYTE UK' sharing her thoughts on 'Epiitalis Forte' gel which can help with joints.

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I was in my element and having met a lot of the team over the years it just confirmed what a great vet practice my horses are with.

I'd find it difficult to pull out my favourite part of the evening but if I did it would have to be the talks by Richard and Rachel which showed how it's possible to manage arthritis in horses through anti-inflammatorys and even surgery.

The advancement in surgery blew my mind, with at least 80% of horses returning to full work afterwards - even returning to racing. If you hear they are running any more evenings like this I'd strongly recommend you pop along. In the meantime thanks to my vet team for such a great informative night.