In the Saddle: Beating the winter blues

Since moving house we've had so much to do job-wise. Lots of tip runs for boxes and unpacking. It's been really quiet on the horse-front.

Monday, 3rd December 2018, 10:30 am
Updated Monday, 3rd December 2018, 10:35 am
Anita and Alyssia enjoying the countryside
Anita and Alyssia enjoying the countryside

With the darker nights approaching and a much longer drive to school we can't fit in our after lovely school hacks.This means I only get to take my daughter out riding at the weekend.  It's the time of year I start to dread. The return of darker nights and the cold weather. Although I think right now the constant rain is the real concern as it affects the fields.  This weekend we made the most of our daylight and went out across the bridle paths near our home. It's lovely riding off road, so different to when we had to do village riding.  We never have to see a car. It's awesome and so much safer for taking my ten year old daughter on her pony, whilst I ride my horse. Not having to worry about buses or lorries passing you. I know the Axholme Bridleway Association have been working hard to join up local bridle path routes for horse riders, cyclists and walkers alike. It's only now, since moving, we can truly feel the benefits.  Where we used to live there are no bridle paths. We did ride on the river bank though, just as you leave the village and that was a beautiful trek once you got off the roads. My daughter and I have been discovering new off road riding routes together. It's great to meet lovely dog walkers. Alyssia probably doesn't realise how lucky she is right now,  but hopefully she will when she's older and a mother herself. She will understand how special these memories are. You never know, ponies might just keep her off boys for a whole lot longer too when she hits her teens. Looking forward to the winter solstice in a few weeks.  We officially start the countdown to spring, knowing we will soon be back in the saddle after our school runs. I cant wait.

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