Ruling party dominate in borough’s election

NDFP Election Count Doncaster Racecourse
NDFP Election Count Doncaster Racecourse

Labour retained a commanding majority in Doncaster following a devastating day for the party nationally.

The party won 41 seats in the local election, Conservatives took eight seats, Put Mexborough First – The Forgotten Town took three seats, Ukip won two seats and the Independent one.

NDFP Election Count Doncaster Racecourse   Spotborough candidate Jonathan Wood Conservative

NDFP Election Count Doncaster Racecourse Spotborough candidate Jonathan Wood Conservative

The result for the Hatfield ward was not declared on the evening after a second recount was ordered and it was decided it was too late to proceed just before 10pm last night

The Hatfield result in which Labour candidates Linda Curran and Pat Knight and UKip’s Jessie Credland gained victory was declared along with the Parish Council results.

Speaking about the Labour victory Doncaster Mayor Ros Jones said: “I am delighted with the results, we have retained the same majority taking into account the number of councillors that have been cut this year from 63 to 55.

“The percentage of Labour councillors remains the same and they are there to help us deliver all the improvements even with the Tory cuts.

NDFP Election Count Doncaster Racecourse   Mexborough Bev Chapman, Andy Pickering,   Sean Gibbons Put Mexborough first the forgotten town

NDFP Election Count Doncaster Racecourse Mexborough Bev Chapman, Andy Pickering, Sean Gibbons Put Mexborough first the forgotten town

“If you look what’s happened here in Doncaster we’ve got our three Labour MPs back with a greater percentage of votes than they have had before, the shame is that we have not got Ed Miliband actually leading our country.”

Speaking about Mr Miliband’s decision to stand down as party leader Mayor Ros Jones said: “I was always behind him 100 per cent but I understand why he had to take that decision.

“I think the speech he gave was very uplifting and I respect his decision.”

Whispers ahead of the final results suggested Ukip may take more seats across the borough but the party gained just one seat with councillor Clive Stone elected in the Rossington and Bawtry ward.

Labour did suffer a defeat in Mexborough though losing two seats to Put Mexborough First – The Forgotten Town.

Put Mexborough First councillors Andy Pickering, Sean Gibbons and Bev Chapman were victorious.

Councillor Sean Gibbons said: “Mexborough residents are finally realising it’s time for change, for too long there has been a disproportionate share of wealth given to Doncaster from this council.

“We are passionate about the town and mark my words we will be talking to senior people and working through a five year plan for Mexborough and give people hope and show that Mexborough should be taken seriously.”

Car parking, town centre regeneration are amongst the councillors top priorities for the area.

Labour Councillors Elsie Butler and Phil Cole secured re-election in Edlington and Warmsworth.

Speaking about the victory Mr Cole said: “We’re very pleased with the result.”

Speaking about wife Caroline Flint, who was re-elected as MP for Don Valley he said: “Caroline’s determined that the Labour party does it’s best to recover, rest and then renew and live to fight another day.”

Deputy major Glyn Jones who pipped Ukip candidate Mike Robertson to the post said: “I feel elated that people have put their confidence in me yet again.

“It’s always been a strong challenge from Ukip.

“It was quite a small field to be fair if we’d have had the field of other wards the count would have taken longer and it would’ve been a different result for Ukip I’m sure.”

Ukip councillors Paul Bissett and Fred Gee lost their seats in Edenthorpe and Kirk Sandall with Labour councillors David Nevett and Tony Revill taking the seats.

Meanwhile it was a disappointing defeat for Community Group candidate Martin Williams in the Thorne ward who lost his seat after 17 years of serving on Doncaster Council.

It was also a turn up result for 28-year-old Nick Allen who secured a seat in the Bessacarr ward.

He said: “I’m delighted with the result.”

Over the last year, changes have taken place to Doncaster’s council wards that resulted in a difference to the way the local elections work.

In 2014 the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBE) finalised its electoral review of the borough to understand exactly how many councillors were needed to make the local authority work most effectively.

As a result the number of councillors was slashed meaning this year 55 were elected – a reduction of the previous number of 63.

The changes also resulted in 21 new wards – 13 wards with three councillors and eight wards with two councillors.

For the first change this year the election was an “all out” election where all councillors who have decided to stand are up for re-election following the boundary changes.

The councillors will have a two year term which runs until the next Mayoral election in 2017. Candidates will stand again in 2017 with the term lasting for four years.