Rugby-mad Doncaster youngster left in wheelchair after being savaged by dog

A rugby-mad Doncaster youngster has been left in a wheelchair and is facing years of agonising skin graft operations after suffering horrific injuries when he was savaged by a dog.

Wednesday, 20th October 2021, 12:41 pm

10-year-old John Henry Dundas was left screaming in pain and covered in blood after a Staffordshire Bull Terrier launched a ferocious attack on him at a house in Intake more than two weeks ago.

His angry mum Natasha has called for the dog to be destroyed and has launched a petition calling on South Yorkshire Police to thoroughly investigate the incident, saying she feels 'massively let down' by their response.

John Henry's injuries are so severe that he cannot walk, is not expected to return to school until the New Year and faces a number of operations in the years ahead to repair the damage which left him with deep cuts and lacerations to his calf where the dog sunk its teeth into his calf.

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John Henry has been left in a wheelchair after suffering horrific injuries after being savaged by a dog.

Natasha said: "It is absolutely horrific. He can't sleep, he keeps having nightmares and he's crying.

"He has been in so much pain and we don't know if he will be left with a permanent limp. He struggles to bend his leg and put his foot on the floor, he's in that much pain."

Natasha says the drama unfolded on October 6 after John Henry, who plays rugby for Bentley RLFC, was attacked by the dog at a house in Essex Avenue, Intake.

She says John was savaged after entering the house with his friend - and after hearing of the attack, his mum raced to the scene, finding her son drenched in blood and sobbing.

He was taken to Doncaster Royal Infirmary but later transferred to Sheffield Children's Hospital. Surgeons have carried out a number of skin graft operations but have warned the family that he will need many more in the years ahead as he grows and the skin stretches.

But she says she has been told that the dog has now been returned to its owner - and that South Yorkshire Police are not investigating the incident any further, despite she says, officers telling her that the dog has bitten people before.

She has now launched a petition, which is being backed by local football club Sandall Beat JFC, following an incident where the dog was apparently being trained to sink its teeth into a rope on one of its pitches.

A club spokesman said on Facebook: "We are asking people to sign and share this petition as we feel it's in the best interest of the public and our own children.

"There's no way this dog should be handed back, next time it could be someone's life. Police need and must do more in the interest of public safety."

Added Natasha: "The police don't seem interested. I feel like they have let me down massively. I have told them that the dog bit someone else last year, but they say there's nothing they can do and they have to give the dog back. There were witnesses who saw what happened who they haven’t even spoken to.

"I can't understand it. I'm absolutely devastated and so is John Henry. He keeps having nightmares and his mind is doing overtime.

"He keeps trying to forget what happened, but he could end up seeing that dog every day of his life. He's in so much pain and just wants to get back to walking and playing rugby.

"People are understandably concerned as the dog is walked off its lead and lives just a few feet away from a children’s park.

"The whole thing has left him very scared and he’s going to need counselling.”

We have contacted South Yorkshire Police for a statement in response.

You can sign the petition HERE