Rubbish recycling figures fall in the region

The proportion of rubbish recycled by North Lincolnshire has fallen in two years, according to data from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Tuesday, 16th October 2018, 11:24 am
Updated Tuesday, 16th October 2018, 11:28 am
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In 2016-2017, the council recycled or composted 45,966 tonnes of all waste, about 48% of the total collected.
These figures are poorer than two years ago, when 51% of the rubbish was recycled.
The data includes the rubbish made up of everyday items that are disposed of by the public at home or on the go.
England recycled on average 42.7% of the waste produced over the last year.
Incineration plants burnt 5% of the rubbish produced in the council. The vast majority of it was sent to specialist Energy-from-Waste (EfW) power plants as fuel to generate heat and electricity.
North Lincolnshire sent 45,457 tonnes of waste to landfills in 2016-2017 - about 47% of the total.
The Government aims to recycle half of the household waste by 2020 nationally, cutting to 35% the proportion of rubbish going to landfill.
These targets are part of a new strategy drawn up by the European Union and backed up by Theresa May’s cabinet in April.
Speaking about the situation Shlomo Dowen, national coordinator of United Kingdom Without Incineration Network (UKWIN) said: “Unfortunately councils are reacting too slowly to the growing public demand for more recycling and less incineration. The introduction of an incineration tax would send a clear message to councils and businesses that incineration is not the way forward.” 

Councillor Ralph Ogg, cabinet member for Safer, Greener, Cleaner Places at North Lincolnshire Council

“Recycling is everyone’s responsibility and we are calling on residents to step-up their game. We want our residents to be better recyclers and we are doing all we can to encourage them to do more and act responsibly and consider the impact of not recycling, on the environment. It is a global issue and we cannot do this alone.

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“Our ongoing campaign through social media and residents’ magazine News Direct aims to help residents by providing useful tips and advice on not just how to recycle their waste, but how to reduce it and even reuse it by upcycling old/unwanted goods.

“We recognise that some residents recycle really well. And there are those that don’t and these are the people we need to target. We provide lots of opportunities to recycle and make it easy by collecting various recyclables from your home. A good start would be to recycle their copy of News Direct once they have read it by putting it in the blue box.

“There are also a number of community recycling facilities across North Lincolnshire and the council has a number of household recycling centres where residents can take their waste to be recycled. On top of that, we offer a bulky item collection service where we will collect up to three items a year free. So there really is no excuse.

“For more information, look out for your next copy of News Direct – out from 19 November, follow us on Twitter: NorthLincsCNews or Facebook: North Lincolnshire Council, or visit council