Round-the-clock CCTV for Epworth

Long awaited CCTV coverage of Epworth town centre is in place and operating fully.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 26th July 2014, 7:00 am
Community event.
Community event.

The £70,000 CCTV system, long campaigned for by your Bells, was installed after complaints from traders and residents about town centre anti-social nuisance crime.

North Lincolnshire Council funded the system under pressure from the town council, representing townsfolk who told them they believed that monitored CCTV would be most effective as a deterrent. The three-camera system forms part of a series of investments to improve safety for shoppers and visitors to Epworth and other town centres across North Lincolnshire.

Its secure wi-fi connectivity is monitored 24 hours a day at the council control centre. The system is also recorded to allow police officers to view evidence whenever the need arises.

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Coun Liz Redfern said: “This is a fantastic investment in the safety of our residents. Those people who commit crime in Epworth town centre are now doing so knowing that they are being recorded on CCTV. This evidence can then be used against them by the police to secure a conviction.” She continued: “Working with Andrew Percy MP we held a series of meetings with residents and traders who had concerns about incidents in Epworth, so the best way forward was to secure the funding for this important scheme.”

Isle MP Andrew Percy said: “There is strong evidence to suggest that where areas are monitored by CCTV there is a reduction in

crime and an increase in residents’ safety. I am confident that this investment will make a great deal of difference in Epworth.”

Traders largely welcomed the arrival of the manned cameras. Michail Harm who has a shop, NE1 Clothing on High Street, and has been a victim of crime himself, said: “CCTV will definitely help detection but I don’t think it’s a deterrent as it’s not been widely enough publicised that we have it.”

Chair of Epworth Town Council Bob Fish said: “One of the top priorities of any council is to make its area of responsibiity as safe as possible for businesses, residents and visitors alike. I am confident CCTV provision will help to establish a safe environment for all who visit, live or work in Epworth.”

**What are your thoughts about CCTV in Epworth? Write letters to [email protected] or post comments on the Epworth bells facebook site.