Rooftop jump threat causes disruption across Doncaster town centre

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Doncaster town centre was gridlocked this morning for several hours after a young woman threatened to jump from a rooftop.

Trafford Way was closed to traffc and there was no vehicular access to the railway station from around 4am until around 10.30am when a police spokesman confirmed that “the 27-year-old woman on the Frenchgate Centre is now safe and is with specially-trained staff.”

A hooded figure could be seen perched on the edge of the Frenchgate Centre roof-top car park, just above the Sainsbury’s supermarket.

She had been there most of the night as a police negotiator tried to talk her down.

There was speculation it was the same person who last week threatened to jump from the Sandbeck House high-rise flats on Balby Bridge.

All roads are open and traffic along Trafford Way and Cleveland Street is now running normally.