Romantic Sheffield woman searching for "hot" bus hunk slammed as stalker and homewrecker

A lovestruck Sheffield woman who launched an appeal to find a "Hot Italian looking guy" she sat next to on a rush hour bus has been slammed as a stalker and homewrecker.

Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 2:58 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 3:04 pm
Is love about to blossom aboard a Sheffield bus?

The "commuter cupid" launched a desperate plea to track down the man she spotted during a morning commute on the number 95 bus through a national newspaper.

Lovestruck Sheffield woman's bid to track down "hot guy" spotted on rush hour busWhile some thought the appeal was fun and romantic, other Star readers blasted the woman who describes herself as a "curly haired brunette" in Metro's Rush Hour Crush column where commuters can attempt to track down people they fancy spotted on public transport.

Is this where the mystery Italian looking man and the curly haired brunette crossed paths - the bus stop on Barber Road at Walkley. (Photo: Google).

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Posting on The Star's Facebook page, Craig White wrote: "If this was the other way around,and it was a man doing this,he'd probably be arrested for stalking.

He added: "She's potentially a homewrecker ,as well as a lunatic".

Laura Marriott was equally dismissive of the woman who is attempting to track down the "Hot Italian looking guy" she spotted earlier this week on the Walkley to Sheffield bus.

She said: "Yep he'd be called a pervert! Who's to say this guy isn't already attached or married anyway?"

Is this where the mystery Italian looking man and the curly haired brunette crossed paths - the bus stop on Barber Road at Walkley. (Photo: Google).

Corey-Paige Chapman said: "This is wrong. What if the hot Italian guy has a girlfriend, fiance, kids? If you like someone that much strike up a conversation while hes sat next to you!"

In this morning's edition of the free newspaper, describing herself as the "Curly-Haired Brunette Who Was Sitting Next To You," she wrote: "Hot Italian-looking guy on the 7.05am No. 95 bus in Sheffield.

"I saw you smiling. Can I tempt you to an after-work drink on Friday?"

However, others came to her defence and Ashley Reed posted: "Everyone talking about her stalking she isn't stalking she's just looking for someone she likes it's not like she standing outside his house and following him home CHILL OUT."

Aaron Crothers added: "Metro have had a section in there paper for quite a few years called "rush hour crush" it's a country thing so could be from a train Newcastle to London or the number 57 knocking about in Leeds.. Great bit of fun that can match make so why not?"

Others joked that the "Hot Italian looking guy" might be video game hero and Italian plumber Super Mario.

According to the Travel South Yorkshire website, there is indeed a 7.05am bus which sets off from the junction of Barber Road and Sydney Road.

Do you know the woman or the "Hot Italian looking guy?" Are you a regular passenger on the 7.05am 95 bus? Let us know!