Rolex watch among stolen jewellery recovered in Doncaster

Some of the stolen jewellery recovered by police
Some of the stolen jewellery recovered by police

A huge haul of stolen jewellery has been recovered by police in Doncaster, who are trying to track down the owners.

Officers have published images of the loot, including Rolex and Tag Heuer watches, which was found in a house in Balby.

They believe the items may have been stolen during a recent burglary in Doncaster.

The items recovered include:

- Silver charm bracelet

- Silver and gold Klaus Kobec watch

- Black LED watch

- Gold Sekonda pocket watch

- Black infantry watch

- Silver style Rolex

- Edidie Stobart collection tin

- Brown and silver Klaus Kobec watch

- White and gold diamonte style Michael Korrs watch

- Black and silver University of Sheffield USB stick

- White and silver Patek Phillipe watch

- Silver and black Tag Heuer watch

If you recognise any of these items as yours, call police on 101.

A 39-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of burglary in connection to the incident. He has since been remanded into custody.