RMT threatened rail strike

Northern Rail.
Northern Rail.

A leading Northern Rail boss has reacted angrily to plans for its the National union of Rail Maritime and Transport Northern employees to strike.

Northern Rail HR director Adrian Thompson said the company was disappointed at RMT’s Northern members decision.

He added: “Note that only just over one third of members voted yes while 63 per cent of members voted no or abstained.

“The RMT claims that we are ‘casualising the workforce’ or replacing permanent employees with agency are completely unfounded and untrue.

“This focuses on two revenue protection contracts, one of which has been in place for 13 years, since before Northern began and the second was introduced, in agreement with the RMT as a 12-month trial to be reviewed later this year.”

He added: “The RMT Executive has said it is now considering the result. We will update customers on strike action as soon as we have any further information.”