Richard Hawley says Nigel Farage is 'vile yobbo' and England football team are "depressing s***" after Brexit

Sheffield music legend Richard Hawley has stuck to the boot into Britain's decision to leave the EU and the England football team - declaring that both are "depressing the s***" out of him.

Thursday, 30th June 2016, 11:22 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 5:10 pm
Sheffield singer Richard Hawley.
Sheffield singer Richard Hawley.

In an interview with Irish broadcaster RTE Ten the Steel City guitar hero says both Brexit and England's abysmal 2-1 defeat to Iceland at Euro 2016 had left him angry - and he also stuck the boot into UKIP leader Nigel Farage and David Cameron and Boris Johnson ahead of a gig in Dublin next month, dubbing Farage as a "vile townie yobbo."

He told the Irish TV station: "The football is just the tip of the iceberg of the things that are depressing the s*** out of me right now. It was so glaringly obvious that at some point it was going to happen.

“It's a weird one really - I was born in 1967, the year after England won the World Cup, and I grew up in a country that somehow has this sense of entitlement and we keep being pulled up short in every major international performance since 1966. We are woefully inadequate and where this sense of entitlement comes from I really don't know.

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A lifelong Sheffield Wednesday supporter, Hawley also ranted about the UK's decision to leave the European Union

"I despair really because I think people have been conned,” he told TEN. “It boils down to this - Brexit has not been about politics has it? It's two old Etonian rivals who've had a bit of a punch-up in the school yard assisted by their exceedingly vile townie yobbo friend Farage, who I hasten to add, is not an elected MP in Britain. He's got a seat in the European Parliament which he's actually just voted himself out of.

"It's very plain to anyone with even meagre intelligence of any understanding of how ruthless politics is that Boris Johnson sold his party and his country down the river for the sake of his own political machinations.

“He’s gambled everything on becoming Prime Minister. How can anyone have the most meagre grasp of reality in a world like that? I’ve said for a long time that the English working class sold out for a shell suit and a satellite dish.”