REVIEWS: The Wedding Present and Unmythable

The Wedding Present
The Wedding Present

Indie icons and greek myths are the order of the day

The Wedding Present - O2 Academy Leeds

In the last few years, ticket prices have gone through the roof with people shelling out between £100 and £300 to see Rolling Stones at Hyde Park this summer, or £80 for tickets to see One Direction at Wembley Stadium next year.

For anyone trying to watch what they spend, going to see a top act live is a luxury - and something most people would consider paying for if it is a band or artist they adore.

So when I was given the chance to see The Wedding Present, a band I’d heard of but not really listened to, I relished the opportunity to experience a band’s music for the first time live. And I was not disappointed.

Back in lead singer David Gedge’s home town of Leeds, The Wedding Present came to the O2 Academy where they played a sterling 90-minute set, mainly comprised of A-sides from their 1992 album The Hit Parade.

Since forming in 1985, The Wedding Present have accumulated a pretty sizeable back catalogue with eighteen top 40 singles, and eight studio albums, so I found it interesting they made the brave choice to mainly feature music from just one album.

But The Wedding Present are clearly a band who still enjoy playing live, so perhaps this is the key to their longevity.

Despite the band’s Twitter followers ranking it least popular of the singles from Hit Parade, one of the stand out songs for me was Flying Saucer, with its whirlwind guitars and heartfelt lyrics.

I also really enjoyed Spiderman on Hollywood from their 2008 album El Rey, which was a big hit with the crowd too.

The packed-out crowd seemed to be mainly comprised with loyal fans, singing along with every song, and as one particularly zealous fan, who has seen them six times, told me “they’re a brilliant, beautiful band people just want to see time and time again”.

Overall I really enjoyed The Wedding Present, they gave an energetic and funny performance with beautifully constructed songs that combine incredible indie guitar melodies with breathtakingly honest lyrics.

Sarah Marshall


A collection of the greatest Greek Myths and Legends told at breakneck speed. Unmythable is hilarious romp through the Greek Myths performed by a very hardworking and talented cast of 3.

As we entered the theatre we were met by music from M People “Search for the Hero”, Enrique Inglesias “Hero” and David Bowie “Heroes” cleverly setting the scene.

Unmythable is loosely based around the adventures of Jason and his team of Argonauts on the quest of the Golden Fleece with guest appearances from Zeus, Hercules, Demeter and the Trojan Army.

From the very start of the show we were in for a fun filled treat.

A side-splitting comedy that had the Argonauts, sorry audience, completely on board.

The trios acting skills are dazzling, their energy overwhelming and changing characters at the drop of a hat.

Using only a few costumes this group really brought the myths to life.

The cast employed only the most basic set and props, to animate these tales.

Mixing song, physical humour and acting this is a great family show.

However, at just over an hour long the story was over too soon and left the audience eager for more.

Thoroughly entertaining and immensely enjoyable. Highly recommended.

A show really not to be missed.

Lyn Middleton