Revealed: The things Doncaster people love about being single – and how long they leave before their next relationship

Single people in Doncaster love having the bed to themselves, watching whatever they want on TV – and found that on average, people wait more than two years before moving onto their next relationship.

Lifestyle blogger and Youtuber, xameliax agrees, saying: “Being single is ace - you have all the freedom in the world and you don’t have to share your food with anyone!”

The things Doncaster people love most about being single have been revealed.

The things Doncaster people love most about being single have been revealed.

Although men and women are in agreement on the top five answers, the stats show that men are more than twice as likely to celebrate ‘being able to flirt with other people’ than women (29% vs 20%).

Even more shocking is that men are also more than twice as likely to prefer being single because it means they can ‘sleep with whoever they want’ (29% vs. 12%).

Discussing the results, mentor and life coach, Lynn Anderton says: "I love my single life because basically I can do what I want when I want, I miss aspects of being in a relationship such as affection but I like having the freedom to be myself and be with friends and I get the remote control all to myself".

Commenting on the research, Director and Co-Founder at Love Layla Designs, Stacey Dennis, said: “Often when people mention being single, they’re perceived to be lonely, lurking on online dating platforms on the hunt for a date, whilst those in relationships are labelled as ‘settled down’ and content.

“Yet, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of divorce and break up cards, suggesting that it’s not always a bad thing and the freedom really is something to celebrate!”