Revealed: the most affordable places in the UK for teachers

With teachers in high demand across all the UK, Randstad Education has put together a guide to assess property prices and teachers' salaries to help find where in the country the most affordable locations to live are.

Monday, 26th March 2018, 10:46 am
Unsurprisingly, London has the highest average property price

Unsurprisingly, London has the highest average property price (£484,000) but increasing prices over the years have not been matched by salaries.

Interestingly, Manchester and London have similar average minimum salaries of around £22,500 but the average house price in Manchester is just over £197,000, 40 per cent less than (£484,000) in the capital.

The findings suggest why Manchester is increasingly seen as a city with for a teacher to start their career and continue their life.

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Liverpool has the highest average maximum salary, of just under £50,000.

House prices in the area are the lowest across all 13 cities profiled at just £185 a week rent. Putting Liverpool top of the league when it comes to salary vs property prices.

The teachers’ guide has an interactive map showing 13 major cities, detailing their average salaries compared to average house prices and average weekly rent. Helping candidates to assess the best location for their financial status.

Victoria Short, managing director of Randstad Public Services said: “Home ownership is the dream of most workers hoping to work their way up the property ladder but as our guide shows location influences how much teachers need to save to realise that ambition.

“It’s no surprise average house prices are highest in London and while the capital offers workers an attractive mix of jobs and lifestyle options, our guide shows where in the country teachers can do the job they love with the bonus of more affordable housing and cheaper rent.”

The full report can be viewed at Click here