REVEALED: The 30 best Yorkshire albums of all time

We all know Yorkshire is already the best county in Britain - but how does it fare when it comes to making great music?

Monday, 30th April 2018, 9:58 am
Updated Monday, 30th April 2018, 10:01 am
What's the number one Yorkshire album of all time?

Well, not too bad as it happens with a veritable feast of musical talent to come from all four corners of God’s Own County over the decades.

And now we’ve decided to settle a few arguments once and for all - by drawing up the definitive Yorkshire playlist.

Welcome to our rundown of the top 30 Yorkshire albums of all-time - records that have been put together by the cream of the county’s musical crop.

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Sheffield has a rich musical heritage with Pulp and the Arctic Monkeys putting the city on the map in recent years - but back in the early 80s, the city ruled the music charts with The Human League, Heaven 17 and ABC all dominating the radio and TV airwaves.

And of course, before all of them, gravel-voiced rocker Joe Cocker was making headlines around the world with his brand of bluesy soul rock.

Leeds’ very own Kaiser Chiefs have flown the flag for West Yorkshire over the past few years with some sparkling indie pop anthems while before them, guitar gods The Wedding Present helped the city develop a great musical scene.

But the talent hasn’t just been confined to the main two big cities.

Settle has given us soul-dance-pop star John Newman, while Shed Seven helped to put York on the map as they emerged through the early 90s to become Britpop favourites.

There’s always been strong goth connections with Yorkshire too - with The Mission, The Cult and The Sisters of Mercy also delivering some killer releases over the years.

And let’s not forget metal too - with Sheffield’s Bring Me The Horizon and Def Leppard also being mainstays while over by the coast, Hull has given us the likes of Everything But The Girl and Sade (while the group were formed in London, three of the band hail from the port city).

So who has made the cut and who hasn’t?
And who has been crowned the all time number one?
Click on our gallery to see the top 30 Yorkshire albums of all time!