Retired police dog tracks down suspects in Sheffield and Doncaster

Police dog Khoba
Police dog Khoba

A police dog brought out of retirement helped track down four suspects during searches in Sheffield and Doncaster.

On his first day back on the frontline after being brought out of retirement, police dog Khoba tracked down a suspect wanted after a stolen bike was abandoned on the Manor estate in Sheffield.

The following day he helped track a suspect in Highfields, Doncaster, after he ran from a vehicle after spotting the police.

South Yorkshire Police said that after a lengthy track across fields, Khoba found the suspect in a garage in Highfields.

He was arrested along with two others over a stolen quad, trailer and diesel drums found at the scene.

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: "Khoba’s replacement unfortunately fell ill during initial training so Khoba was brought out of retirement so that there wasn’t a gap in any patrols."