Retired pitman receives knee op payout

Cyril Mundy, who has been awarded a five figure sum in compensation from Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust.
Cyril Mundy, who has been awarded a five figure sum in compensation from Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust.

A BOLTON pensioner has received a five-figure sum in compensation after claiming a ‘botched’ knee replacement cost him a precious year of his life.

Retired mining engineer Cyril Mundy, 71, who has now been diagnosed with cancer, claims his ‘routine’ operation at Rotherham Hospital left him in constant agony. He also had to undergo a second knee replacement.

Mr Mundy, who underwent surgery in 2009, has been awarded the payout from Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust after specialist medical negligence solicitors at law firm JMW challenged the care provided to him.

However, after being diagnosed with multiple myeloma, or cancer of the bone marrow, the pensioner is outraged that a year of his life was spent in pain and what he termed ‘a living hell’. He is keen to make others aware of the nightmare he experienced.

Mr Mundy who is married to Maria, 61, said: “This should have been a routine operation but months later I was left in so much pain that I could not even walk around Tesco.

“I am absolutely appalled by the outcome of the operation – my quality of life was severely affected and my wife essentially became my carer.

“At one point I told my GP I would rather have my leg amputated than be in so much pain. That is a year of my life that I will never get back, and with my current health problems that is a huge concern for me.”

Melissa Gardner, of JMW, took on the case of Mr Mundy, who has since moved to Nottinghamshire.

She shared his concern about the standard of surgery he experienced at Rotherham Hospital. It was later alleged that some cuts to his bones were not carried out correctly, and that the replacement knee joint was the wrong size. While the trust has never admitted that it made mistakes with the surgery, it agreed to payout for Mr Mundy’s pain and suffering.

Ms Gardner commented: “While I was very pleased to be able to secure some compensation for Cyril, the significant impact his suffering had on his life means it is vital that knee surgery at Rotherham Hospital is reviewed.

“The distress that a painful knee joint can cause can never be underestimated, and in Cyril’s case this meant some aspects of daily living were a constant struggle. After investigating the surgery we found several areas of concern and we hope that hospital managers will look closely at these.”

A spokesman for The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust said: “The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust is pleased that settlement was reached amicably in this case without an admission of liability and wishes Mr Mundy all the best for the future.”