Residents stop plans for site for travellers

VILLAGERS have won their fight against a travellers’ site being created - but their victory could be short lived.

For traveller Nathan Smith, who told members of Doncaster Council’s planning committee he had tried to work with the authorities to make sure the site was legal, said he was looking to appeal against the planning committee’s decision.

Mr Smith told the committee he had been speaking to council officers throughout as he put together the application for the site, which would have seen spaces for 19 touring caravans and ten static caravans in Flashley Carr Lane, between Moss and Sykehouse.

But councillors decided the site was too far away from facilities like shops, schools and buses and would harm the appearance of the area.

Mr Smith said: “I’ve been working with the council for nearly two years trying to find a place for travellers.

“We are doing this legally, and put the planning application in the way the council wants it. Whatever the council wants us to do, we will do.

“They don’t want us in the village, they don’t want us outside the village.”

He said the site had been chosen because it was not on the green belt, was not in a flood zone and was away from people’s homes.

Coun Yvonne Woodcock asked planning officers if the site would be given planning permission if the plans were for houses. She was told it would not.

Planning officer Gareth Stent said officers had held discussions with Mr Smith before the application, but had discouraged him from putting in an application for the Flashley Carr Lane site.

Moss Parish Council had objected to the plans because they said the site was an attractive and important part of the local landscape.

It said that a travellers’ site at Riverside should meet the needs of travellers.

Sykehouse Parish Council also objected, saying the plans were detrimental to the rural surroundings and the traditional landscape.

They also raised concerns over how sustainable the site was because of its remote location.