Residents show how they fear HS2 will tear through their Doncaster fields

Protesters show where the embankment will be located
Protesters show where the embankment will be located

Battling residents took to the road near a Doncaster village to show  their village how HS2 will tear through their fields.

Under plans to build the high speed rail route, a 20m high embankment would be built next to the village. It would be over 100m wide.

And on top of that, there would be gantries for the train's overhead electric power source.

Members of Barnburgh and Harlington against HS2 Action Group placed signposts to depict where the embankment would start and stop, and planned to release balloons to show how high it would be. But high winds made that difficult for them on the day.

Action Group acting chairman John Gillespie said: "I think it astounded residents how big the embankment will be. It will be 20m tall, plus another six, for the stanchions for the train.

"I think everyone in the village knows the train is coming. We are still campaigning against it because we think it is the wrong route."

The campaigners say that the route should go via Meadowhall, as it would mean all of South Yorkshire could benefit. They believe the current option means most of the county will only suffer the negative effects, with only Sheffield standing to have any benefit.

In Barnburgh, they believe the geology may be unsuitable, because they think Barnburgh Crags are a natural fault line.

The campaign group said from the The Crown pub in the village, it will no longer be possible to see the top of the valley - just a green wall of grass.

Mr Gillespie is concerned that people living in the village could miss out on compensation, even though it is expected that the route will affect property prices.

He said: "There will be a train coming through with all the noise it generates. "Our prices have dropped. I know someone who sold his house for £40,000 less than he expected, and the sale did not go through. It has really affected people."

He believes the company should compensate those who are affected by the trains.

A HS2 spokesperson said: “HS2 will rebalance the economy by connecting eight out of our 10 biggest cities, increase rail capacity on the current system and reduce journey times, while also creating thousands of jobs across the UK.

“We understand that people feel strongly about the visual impact the project will have on the community in Barnburgh. Minimising the impacts of the railway are at the heart of our designs, and we’ll continue to work with communities to try and address their concerns.

“Over the next two years we will be focusing on how we can design the railway to reduce its impact and there will be further opportunities for people to share their views. We actively encourage the residents of Barnburgh to get involved.”