Residents promised full consultation over Epworth supermarket plans

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NEWS: News.

Residents have been reassured there will be an in-depth consultation regarding a controversial supermarket development in Epworth.

Proposals for plans on the Holmes and Gardens site came under fire at the town’s latest council meeting.

Tilbridge Developments wants to build a supermarket, car park, retirement and executive homes and a GP surgery. The firm says the scheme could create up to 200 jobs.

Former councillor Jean Turner was adamant that any development of the site, off Belton Road, would create road safety problems. She described the scheme as ‘nothing more than an application to make money’.

But town council chairman Coun Don Stewart said there was bound to be a great deal in interest but that it would be wrong to speculate on what might and might not be included.

Tillbridge Developments has already made one presentation to the council and has staged a two day public consultation.

The company is due to return to speak again at what has been promised will be a thorough consultation process.

Coun Richard Hall noted that it had been suggested the plan would include a doctors’ surgery, and was interested to know what South Axholme Practice’s thoughts were.

Coun Liz Redfern, who is also leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said pains would be taken to make sure the consultation was thorough, and that the public had ample opportunity to express their views just as soon as there was a plan on which views could be expressed.

“That will be when we have a ‘live’ planning application, an we are not at that stage yet,” she said.