Residents divided on plans to build KFC and Taco Bell restaurants in Thorne

Residents are divided on plans to build KFC and Taco Bell fast-food outlets in Thorne.

By George Torr
Friday, 1st February 2019, 10:51 am
Updated Friday, 1st February 2019, 10:53 am

QFM Group have identified two sites for the drive-thru restaurants on Capitol Park off Omega Boulevard.

The outlets are expected to create dozens of jobs but some residents in Thorne have written to Doncaster Council’s planning department raising concerns around an increase in poor air quality, anti-social behaviour and the effects on the town centre. 

But plenty of people posting on social media were in favour of the developments and welcomed further investment into the area. 

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If approved, the chains will join McDonald’s, Aldi and B&M Bargains and Marston’s King Chamber pub. 

The application is expected to discussed at Doncaster Council’s planning committee later this year.

Thorne resident Julia Thompson said: “Further development such as this will add to the problem of poor air quality here with consequences for local residents health.

“The smell of cooking fat from McDonald’s drive-thru restaurant is prevalent and unpleasant. The take away food litter on surrounding roads which is dispensed regularly from cars is unacceptable, unsightly and costly to remove.

“No more takeaway food outlets should be allowed here.”

An objection signed off by a Mrs G Mason added: "Developing further in this area it is taking away what little businesses are left in Thorne town centre.

"The general public are travelling to Aldi, B&M and McDonald's but have little or no reason to visit the town centre which is becoming more and more uninviting as a shopping centre by the day.

"The dismal appearance and the amount of empty shops along the high Street is not good for trade."

Derek Peck, who also objected to the plan said: “More lorries, more noise, more pollution, more teenagers causing a nuisance to local residents. Enough is enough on this site.”

But posting on social media, Craige Lyne said: “They are building next to a motorway so can't see the argument with air pollution as thousands of cars go by everyday.

“I see it as a good move rather than a empty field. Good for the local economy,and also good employment for young people.”

Ryan Greaves posted: "Not bothered about Taco Bell but adding a KFC to McDonald’s is great news. The area is kept clean & tidy and there is certainly no smell from the McDonald’s.”

Kris Welbourn added: “I’m from Thorne and I for one think this would be an amazing idea so good for jobs and so good for Thorne. It would be amazing - a Taco Bell on my doorstep. I mean, wow!”.