Record deal gets DJ in a spin

Doncaster DJ Kurt Grizz had the Summer of a lifetime providing the soundtrack to many a memorable club night in the party Isle of Ibiza.

Monday, 5th November 2018, 12:19 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th November 2018, 2:38 am

But the DJ also looks set for a memorable Winter after discovering an original track he has been working on has been snapped up by a record label.

DJ Kurt Grizz is now hoping music lovers will hear his new tune on some of the biggest radio stations across the country.

DJ Kurt Grizz

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Speaking about the achievement the House and Dance DJ said: 'As I went out to Ibiza in September to DJ at a few places, before I went there I was working on an original track that I can put out there as my own.

'Around three days ago with help from one of my good friends in Halifax who I met properly in Ibiza, DJ/A&R/Event organiser '˜Maff Boothroid' a big record label '˜Somn'thing Records have deceived they want to sign and publish my track.

'This is a massive achievement and probably one of the biggest yet in my career, the label is going to help me get my track out there and played by famous DJs all around the globe and hopefully will also be getting some airtime on some big UK radio stations.

'I've been getting some crazy support online by lots of friends, followers, family and other DJs all over the UK, the track will be released in December which is absolutely perfect as it drops just in time for the Christmas season when all the clubs are busy. 

DJ Kurt Grizz

'I am absolutely buzzed with how things are going at the moment and really exited for the release and up and coming DJ gigs, it's all very hard work, very late nights, most days I run on hardly any sleep as I also run my own design business that supply's DJs/Brands/Business's all across the UK with design work and CD Print/Duplication.

'I have also had clothing brands get in touch with me to give me clothes to wear to my DJ gigs and all sorts. For me this Winter it's all about getting music out there, playing DJ gigs'

As well as celebrating the impending release of his first original track DJ Kurt Grizz is also looking forward to his new club night back in his home town of Doncaster.

As well as entertaining party goers across the borough the DJ is also hoping to a shine a light on other local talent in the borough.

DJ Kurt Grizz

He said: 'I have currently set up my own monthly R&B/Disco/House event at one of the Doncaster towns best well known clubs '˜Secrets' the night is called '˜Motive' so I'll be concentrating on getting that busy trying to revive the Friday nightlife. My aim is to bring a new Friday night to Doncaster bringing in guest DJs each month.

'T here is a hell of a lot of undiscovered talent in Doncaster I really don't think people get enough credit for the talents they have, so hopefully I'll be able to showcase some of that talent at my events.

'I'd l ike to say thank  you to everybody supporting the movement it really means a hell of a lot, and it keeps me motivated, it's really amazing rice doing the town proud.'

For Kurt, now aged 26,  his love of music started from a young age.

'First thing musically I started doing was when my dad got me into playing the guitar when I was loads younger, music has always been in my family, I've got family that are Rap artists,singers, DJs, producers, it's quite mad.

'As I got older I stopped playing guitar as much and got into dance music, rave and MCing, then I started doing that for a while, I still get booked out sometimes by Stuart at The legendary  Doncaster warehouse from time to time to do that sort of thing, it's nice to go back to your roots.'

But Kurt's DJ journey started properly when he bought his first pair of turntables from his cousin Fivefive.

He said: 'I started to learn to mix on them with a selection of Bassline/4x4, UK Garage & Dance records, a few years later I decided I wanted to play out in clubs but nobody really gave me a shot so I decided hosting my own nights. It was a way of getting myself out DJing and also helping other local DJs to get playing out as well.

'2018 has been a big year for me this and it's nice to have an original  track signed to Somn'thing records and being released for the back end of the year,.

'I'm nowhere where I want to be just yet but just have to keep grinding working hard and staying persistent.

'I love what I do and have a really good positive circle of people around me at the moment,  two certain guys I'd like to mention are DJ & promotors Maff boothroid and Damon Hess for taking me under the wing and helping me out getting me to know Ibiza and for help with the track signing, there doing big bits at the moment and I'm glad to be apart of the movement.'

As well as sets in Doncaster DJ  Kurt Grizz is also a resident at Chesterfields #1 late bar Vibe.