Rail crossing crackdown to boost safety

Police and Network Rail employees check traffic at Bentley level crossing.
Police and Network Rail employees check traffic at Bentley level crossing.

People who misuse railway crossings In Doncaster are being targeted by British Transport Police as part of a crackdown.

BTP deal with incidents on a daily basis where pedestrians and motorists risk their own lives and others by misusing crossings.

Operation Look will see BTP officers and colleagues from Network Rail carry out extra patrols in a week of action that started on Monday.

The crackdown comes after it was revealed between April 1 2013 and March 31 this year 732 motorists were charged or summonsed for crossing misuse, with a further 740 issued with fixed penalty notices, and 102 cautioned for traffic offences. Officers will talk to pedestrians and drivers about the dangers of crossing misuse as well as visiting schools, youth clubs and businesses.

Officers were speaking to residents passing through Dock Hills and Moat Hill Crossings yesterday between 4pm and 9pm.

Patrols will also be taking place at Daw Lane Crossing, Arksey between 11am and 7pm on Friday where a Level crossing enforcement vehicle will be on site.

Inspector Peter Kooper said: “It is important people realise there is a serious penalty to pay for crossing-misuse. However, while we will not hesitate to use the force of the law, we are also acutely aware of the need to promote safety at crossings through education.

“We need drivers and pedestrians to realise level crossing misuse is a danger, not only to their safety, but the safety of others.”

Darren Furness, head of level crossings for Network Rail said: “Waiting at a crossing can be frustrating, but motorists who jump the lights or try and weave around a barrier for the sake of a few minutes, risk at worst, their lives and the lives of others.”