Raiders smash in to target two of Doncaster's best known sports clubs

Police believe the burglary occurred on August 14.
Police believe the burglary occurred on August 14.

Burglars smashed their way through doors and gates to raid two of Doncaster's best known sports clubs.

Thieves smashed through doors which were reinforced with metal to get inside and steal ride-on lawn mowers from Rossington Main Cricket Club and removed gates to get to a locked garage at Rossington Main FC, who play in the Toolstation Northern Counties East League.

One of the lawnmowers which was stolen from Rossington cricket club, along with two ride-on mowers.

One of the lawnmowers which was stolen from Rossington cricket club, along with two ride-on mowers.

They also took other items of equipment used by the cricket club's ground staff at their site next to Rossington Miners Welfare on West End Lane.

It was the third time the cricket club has been a victim of burglars in the last 10 years.

The club is now trying to make arrangements to salvage the end of its season, as it still has three matches to play but now does not have the equipment it needs to prepare its pitch.

Club secretary Secretary Steve Groves said: "I had a phone call from the groundsman this morning to say that we'd been broken into. The mowers we had and everything else that was useful had been stolen. It means in the short term we're going to struggle to prepare pitches..

"We've got three weekends left to play. We should be all right this weekend, but we will need to make plans for the rest of the games.

"It is a real blow for a club which is trying to provide facilities and sport for people in the community.

"The groundsman has had the police round. We had metal grids welded over the locks so someone has gone to great lengths to get in."

Club secretary at Rossington Main FC, Gerald Parsons, also discovered the break-in at the football club, on Oxford Street this morning, and has also spoken to officials at the cricket club.

He said: "It looks like between us we've not got a mower. We think it was at the same time and the same people.

"You can see where the vehicle has moved from one to the other. When I heard about the cricket club I went straight round to see them. I don't think it's a co-incidence.The sites are only 600 yards apart."

He said there was a sit-on mower and a petrol powered push mower taken. The thieves had broken through a locked gate to get into a compound, and then smashed through a garage door.

"We are not happy at all," said Mr Parsons. "It is not just the theft, it is also the damage that has been done."

Both clubs are appealing for any help from the community. Anyone with information call the police on 101.

Anyone who can help with pitch maintenance work can call cricket club secretary Steve Groves 07548 125185 or Rossington Main FC on 01302 864870

Rossington Cricket Club has set up a crowdfunding donation page for anyone who wishes to help by donating towards the cost of replacing the stolen equipment. It is