"Racist" doll spotted in Doncaster house by window-shopping housebuyer on internet

A "racist" doll left a window-shopping housebuyer shocked when she spotted the golliwog on show at a Doncaster house.

Tuesday, 3rd January 2017, 9:01 am
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 12:01 pm
The golliwog spotted in a house in Doncaster on Rightmove. (Photo: Rightmove).

An eagle-eyed house hunter looking at properties on the website Rightmove, spotted the black-faced doll in one of the houses advertised.

The image was then posted on Twitter by user @smuffie along with the caption: “When you can’t directly say you don’t want black people to buy your house…”

The angry woman who spotted the doll told Mirror Online: “We laughed that anyone would think it would help sell their house by having a golliwog on display in 2017.

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“My partner lives in the south and we were seeing what our budget would get us in Doncaster compared to Watford."

The property on Rightmove, which is located in the rural village of Wroot, is described as: “Nicely elevated 4 bed en-suite house of good design and constructional quality.”

Golliwog dolls aren’t illegal in the UK, but are seen as offensive and racist. Just last month, an interior design shop was slammed for selling the doll on key rings.

In the past, the golliwog doll was associated with Robertson’s jam, but times have changed and it is now seen as a symbol of racist stereotyping.