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THE Cosey Cafe nestles on Swinton Road Mexborough across from the rear of the Co-op and I was directed there by a prominent billboard display on the traffic island.

The Cosey Cafe piqued my interest, with a lunchtime choice of either Thai or traditional English food, which adds an exotic touch to the town centre food offering.

The cafe is a light and airy little place and the menu offers a good range of English food, from the traditional English breakfast, omelettes and sandwiches.

I chose the Thai menu and was impressed with the dishes on offer.

There are appetisers; spring rolls and satay different permutations of rice, Thai soups, curries and speciality Thai meals.

Not being an expert in Thai food, most of these I had never heard of.

Lab Gai - chicken mince salad flavoured with mint and shallot tossed in lime and chilli dressing, sounded delicious - I had to pinch myself I was sitting just yards from Mexborough High Street.

I had Pad-ka-paw moo, which is stir fried pork mince with Thai red chilli. basil leaves and red and green peppers, at £4.30.

Minutes later the meal came briskly and expertly cooked and piping hot, served with a generous portion of boiled rice.

The mince pork was well cooked and tasty, without a hint of fat and came mixed with sliced grean beans in addition to the aforementioned garnish.

It came in a light stir fry sauce infused with fresh and fragrant herbs.

The lady chef helpfully asked me how hot I wanted it and I said medium. This was just right for my palate.

Some though some might want to fish out a couple of those particularly fiery red chillis if the going gets tough!

Washed down with a mug of hot tea, the meal was a delicious alternative for an afternoon treat not too heavy on the stomach.

A great place to experience the authentic taste of Southeast Asia in the Dearne at dinnertime.