Pushing the boundaries

Keighly Pugh, 22, of Hatfield who is taking part in a parachute jump. (Buy this photo D1866TS) Picture: Tony Saxton
Keighly Pugh, 22, of Hatfield who is taking part in a parachute jump. (Buy this photo D1866TS) Picture: Tony Saxton

The world of the beauty pageant has in the past been perceived as being rather shallow.

In this modern day and age is there really a place for pretty young women parading around in swimming costumes talking about their desire for world peace and helping the poor and needy?

Keighly Pugh

Keighly Pugh

But it really isn’t like that anymore as one Doncaster stunner is about to prove.

Keighly Pugh, aged 22, of Victoria Avenue, Hatfield, decided to take to the skies to raise money for charity as part of her role in a nationwide beauty competition.

Having won through to the South Yorkshire finals of Miss England’s Beauty with a Purpose, Keighly, if successful, has the chance to represent the country in the pageant. The role also means taking part in fundraisers for numerous worthy causes. Keighly, a project adminstrator for Balfour Beauty, was selected from hundreds of entrants to go through to the regional finals of the contest, and as part of this is now preparing to take part in a sponsored sky dive for charity.

She said: “I decided to do a sky dive as I wanted to do something that I had always wanted to do. I thought it was a good way to raise money.”

Keighly Pugh

Keighly Pugh

The sky dive, which will be in tandem, takes place tomorrow, weather permitting, in Brigg.

Keighly is hoping to raise £1,000 and anyone that would like to sponsor her can just type in her name in her Facebook page.

“I’m really excited about it, but also a little bit nervous,” she added. “It will be a good experience.”

She is also gearing herself up for the South Yorkshire beauty finals at the Hilton Hotel in Sheffield on February 14.

“This is an eco-friendly show and I had to design my own dress,” said Keighly.

“There is a ball gown and sport section in the competition,” she added. “I think there are 23 of us taking part and there is money to win and the chance to be put through to Miss England which is held in Torquay.”

Beauty with a Purpose was created by Julia Morley – wife of Miss World founder Eric Morley – in 1972.

She said: “Thirty years ago I created a new theme for Miss World, Beauty with a Purpose, making the Miss World crown the symbol for fundraising, inviting the contestants and licence holders from each country to help aid projects in their own countries.

“Many of our contestants are so motivated by Beauty With a Purpose that they create their own activities to improve the lives of others.

“We encourage this and wherever possible try and support them with practical help.”

Visit www.beautywithapurpose.com