Positivity in Doncaster amid tough challenges

Frenchgate shopping Centre
Frenchgate shopping Centre

It's been another challenging year in the world of retail, with more store closures, not just in Doncaster, but nationwide.

Changes in retail habits continue to affect the High Street, but in walking around the streets these last couple of months, I can see positivity, new stores opening, others relocating. Doncaster Free Press frequently has articles highlighting local businesses, who are surviving against the odds.

Shopping is good for the economy, and brings us together as families, so the Government must help as much as they can to keep the High Street alive for future generations to enjoy.

For me and our family business, the shining light, and the reason we enjoy what we do, are our customers.  Seeing people enjoy what we sell, and experience a memorable shopping experience.

I can't imagine doing a job where I am not meeting people, chatting to you all is very rewarding.

So we would like to say  'Thank You' for their support, throughout the year, as well as at Christmas.

Sarah Jones

Gregory’s Leather Ltd, Unit 59, 6 West Mall Gallery, Frenchgate Centre