Residents lodge dozens of objections to plans for 27 homes on Doncaster estate

Dozens of objections have been lodged by residents over plans to build 27 homes on disused land in a Doncaster estate.

By George Torr, Local Democracy Reporter
Wednesday, 22nd June 2022, 12:55 pm

James Blunt, of Hoober Limited, has submitted a plan to build the homes on land between Tickhill Road and Fulwood Drive in Balby.

The site lies to the south of Balby and adjacent to the A60 Tickhill Road, and is bound by a six-foot-high close-boarded wooden fence that runs adjacent with Fulwood Drive.

Council bosses said the sites is ‘an unkempt parcel of land that has been subject to the dumping of material’ resulting in higher than normal land levels.

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The area proposed for the 27 homes.

A topographical survey has been submitted as part of the application.

But 36 objections were submitted to council planning officers by nearby residents for a variety or reasons.

One objector raised concerns around an increase in traffic and fears over access points to the site while another brought up doubts over privacy concerns due to overlooking and the development being out of character with the surrounding area.

Another resident raised concerns about the reduction of light into homes and gardens, the impact on wildlife and a damaging impact on the air quality of the area.

The area proposed for the 27 homes.

Council officers working in highways, trees and air pollution initially objected to the scheme but withdrew concerns following an amended application – reducing the site from 30 to 27 homes.

The developer will have to provide 23 per cent of affordable housing units and an education contribution towards additional school places equating to £91,485 through a Section 106 agreement.

Garry Hildersley, principal planning officer at Doncaster Council, said: “The development would not cause undue harm to neighbouring properties, the highway network, trees or the wider character of the area, subject to suitably worded conditions.

“The proposal is considered in the context of the presumption in favour of sustainable development.

“The proposal is considered to be located within a sustainable location on a site earmarked for residential development in the Local Plan and this weighs considerably in favour of the application.

“In addition the amendments that have been undertaken have shown that a suitable layout can be achieved that would be reflective of the character of the area and safeguard neighbouring properties through appropriate separation distances and this weighs significantly in favour of the application.”