READERS' POLL: Should Britain bomb Syria?

David Cameron in the House of Commons.
David Cameron in the House of Commons.

As a Doncaster MP says she's 'minded' to support a Government motion to bomb Syria ahead of a debate and vote this afternoon - we want to know if you agree with her.

Speaking in an email sent out to Don Valley constituents, Caroline Flint said: "Having listened to all sides of the debate, including hearing from constituents and having studied the evidence, I am minded to support the Government's motion."

In the email, Mrs Flint also asked members of the public to share their views, through an online questionnaire with questions chosen by the Don Valley MP.

MPs are currently debating the issue in the House of Commons, ahead of voting on the Government motion later today (Wednesday, December 2).

The government motion would authorise air strikes 'exclusively' against Islamic State - also known as Isis, Isil or Daesh - in Syria.

Prime Minister David Cameron says IS are a threat to Britain's security.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn opposes bombing but has given MPs a free vote amid divisions within his own ranks.

Do you think Britain should bomb Syria?

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During today's debate, which is expected to last some 10 hours, the Prime Minister is likely to face tough questions about the scope of air strikes, their likely impact and how they fit into the strategy of helping to stabilise and rebuild Syria.

Mr Cameron has been asked to explain his claim there are 70,000 "moderate" ground forces able to fight IS in Syria.

The UK is already providing intelligence, surveillance and other logistical support to countries fighting IS in Syria. The RAF has also carried out thousands of raids on IS targets in Iraq since Parliament approved similar action there last year.