Parliament has let my constituents down blasts Don Valley MP Caroline Flint

Determined Don Valley MP, Caroline Flint, has pledged not to let her constituents down after she accused Parliament of doing just that.

Saturday, 30th March 2019, 4:13 pm
Parliament has let constituents down says Don Valley MP Caroline Flint
Parliament has let constituents down says Don Valley MP Caroline Flint

Speaking after the vote on the EU Withdrawal Agreement, Ms Flint said Parliament had let the people of Don Valley down.

She said: “Today (March 29), the day we should have left the EU, Parliament let down the people and businesses of Don Valley.

“Parliament has strained the patience of people who thought that over 1,000 days after the referendum, the UK should have left already.

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“I hope everyone understands that today’s vote was a vote to block Brexit. I couldn’t support that.

“I voted to guarantee that the UK would leave the EU on May 22. Today, that option was thrown away.

“I promised Don Valley voters to respect the vote, work for the best deal and to oppose a second referendum. Therefore, I could not vote to block the UK leaving on May 22; and allow a further long delay.

“We are now headed either for a No Deal Brexit on April 12 or further delay, at least until the end of the year, and the embarrassment of taking part in Elections to the European Parliament.”

She further added: “As a Labour MP I have worked hard to stand by Don Valley’s voters and to achieve Labour objectives. Most of Labour’s goals will be achieved if this Agreement and the legislation alongside is passed.

“My voters know that, I campaigned for Remain, but I have always accepted the outcome of that referendum and promised to work for the best Deal for Doncaster, to allow a Brexit that doesn’t put jobs at risk. That is why I have constantly worked to improve the deal.

“I know some Leave voters believe we should leave now with no deal; but I have to put the best interests of residents and jobs first; and find a Brexit that brings the country together – Leave and Remain voters - rather than drives them apart.

“I will continue to fight to deliver a Brexit that Don Valley’s voters can support.”