General Election 2017: Doncaster North candidate profiles

General Election 2017: Doncaster North candidates
General Election 2017: Doncaster North candidates

These are the candidates fighting for the votes of people in the Doncaster North constituency.

Former Labour leader Ed Miliband has held the seat since 2005, and is standing again this year. He won 20,708 votes in the last election in 2015, some distance ahead of his closest rival Kim Parkinson of the UK Independence Party, who got 8,928 votes.

Mr Parkinson will challenge for the seat again this year, along with the English Democrats’ David Allen who got 448 votes two years ago.

We gave each candidate 200 words to explain why you should vote for them.

Polls open at 7am on Thursday, June 8. Visit to find your polling station.

Robert Adamson, Liberal Democrat

I want to encourage hope for this area, that means we need to put our money (your money from taxes) to work.

We should boost job creation in green and other new technologies, after all we cannot survive by simply selling coffees to each other, we need real jobs and particularly apprenticeships.

The benefits system is a safety net for all of us, we would reverse cuts to Universal Credit & reinstate housing benefits for 18 to 21 year olds and protect the ‘triple lock’ on state pensions

We need to give parents and young people chances by investing in education, we plan a £7bn boost in education spending; giving to schools, not stealing funding and even school lunches. In fact we would extend free school meals to all primary school pupils Also, throughout life we must give opportunities for retraining and learning new skills.

I want to help the NHS and social care services. The Lib Dems are openly saying that will cost money, an extra £6 billion funding for the NHS, raised by increasing income tax 1p.

On Brexit, particularly if you voted Leave, you should have the right to decide if the final deal does what you want.

Shade Adoh, Conservative

I am a registered nurse and a district councillor representing a rural and diverse community. Served on the improvement and review commission for two years; now deputy cabinet member for Housing and member of the personnel and development committee.

I volunteer with the local Healthwatch to share and work with residents to signpost, advocate and influence health and social care providers so services are designed to meet local needs.

I have been a full time mother, the chair of a parents teachers association and a parent governor at a local school. I volunteered for almost two years at the Citizens’ Advice Bureau.

The knowledge, skills and experience of doing these work and having these responsibilities has made me realise just how important our public representatives are. The work is often challenging and requires much more listening than talking. It is important for representatives to take the time to hear what everyone has to say, so that they can genuinely represent the views of their constituents.

Everyone deserves to be fairly represented at all levels of government. I want to support the community of Doncaster North in every way possible and make sure residents’ needs and wishes are heard.

David Allen, English Democrat

The English Democrats want an English parliament to prevent our taxpayers from being held to ransom by Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland in Westminster. Labour, the Conservatives and even UKIP are so desperate to save the Union they are prepared to sacrifice England’s national unity to do so, without any democratic mandate.

We would scrap the ‘Barnett formula’ that gives that extra money. If Doncaster was funded the same as Scotland we would receive £518, 485,000 extra each year and every year. South Yorkshire as a whole would be £2.35 billion better off. Imagine how much better our police and public services could be funded.

England sends more money to Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland each year than it sends to the EU!

David Allen has lived in Doncaster North all his life and opposes uncontrolled immigration that has driven down pay and conditions and is pressurising many aspects of our daily lives both economically and culturally. The cancer of political correctness needs to be removed from public life, it has hamstrung our social services and police from doing their jobs properly. It must be removed.

HS2 is an unnecessary and wasteful central government vanity project

Charlie Bridges, Yorkshire Party

My name is Charlie Bridges, I’m 34 and Doncaster has always been my home town.

I have always been passionate about being from Yorkshire and when I saw The Yorkshire Party on the European ballot paper three years ago I looked them up online and realised they believed in what I believe, that meaningful decisions that affect us day to day should be made here in Yorkshire.

We have a similar population to Scotland and almost twice the economic output of Wales but the powers of neither!

We would campaign to create a Yorkshire Parliament in York with similar powers as in Scotland to allow the county as a whole to work to redress the North-South divide where for every £10 spent on transport in London only £1 is spent in Yorkshire and where only half the money spent on children’s education in London is spent here in Yorkshire.

I would work with any party to achieve what’s best for Doncaster North and Yorkshire. I believe we need to concentrate on improving the transport links we already have. I would campaign for improved local rail services such as a new train station at Askern, and improved cycling routes across Yorkshire.

Frank Calladine, Independent

I am disillusioned with the same old politicians playing political games.

I am and have been a Doncaster resident all of my life. I don’t pretend to understand all the issues that affect us all but I am in contact with a large proportion of the electorate on a daily basis.

I want to see government allocated money well spent on our local NHS, Social services Policing and Schools to ensure the health and well being of all Doncaster North residents.

There is too much money being wasted on projects that benefit other areas but are extremely disruptive to our area. HS2 being one such project that has cost approx £3 billion so far and spending is going up on a daily basis.

I voted for Brexit and this needs to be moved forward with haste taking Doncaster business and residents needs first.

Doncaster North deserves a strong voice that fights on your behalf and speaks loud clear and long about issues you are passionate about. There should be no party whip that decides what issues to fight for. You know what issues are important to you and I would be that representative that is independent of a party line.

Ed Miliband, Labour

Your vote at this general election decides your local MP. You need a champion, fighting your corner, whoever is the national government. Re-elect me to do that.

I’ve led the fight against the new HS2 route through Mexborough and neighbouring villages. I’ve supported the area’s schools, backed community projects, worked with Mayor Ros Jones to help secure jobs and regeneration, and helped thousands of people with issues from housing to pensions to tax credits.

Re-elect me so I can keep fighting for you. That starts with the fight to protect our pensioners. I’m fighting tooth and nail against Tory plans to scrap your winter fuel allowance, and Theresa May’s ‘dementia tax’, a cruel and unfair attack on people’s homes. Together we need to stop her.

I’ll fight too for a £10 living wage and to protect funding for our schools.

I’ll also respect the democratic vote to leave the EU and stand up for a Brexit that works for Doncaster. And I will always fight for our NHS, for our over-worked and underpaid staff and above all, our patients. I fear for our NHS under five more years of the Tories.

Kim Parkinson, UK Independence Party

I was born in Doncaster, brought up in Doncaster and live in Doncaster. I don’t live, eat and breathe London while keeping a token address here.

I will always put Doncaster first and fight for more of the vast amount of money that currently gets spent in London and the south east.

I am against HS2 and I always have been. I have not decided to say so only because local voters have.

I want to leave the EU and I always did. I have not decided to say I want to leave only because local voters did.

I believe that:

- Money should be spent on getting our existing rail network up to scratch, not wasted on HS2.

- There must be no fudge to frustrate Brexit, and I will work in your best interests (you voted to LEAVE – that isn’t complicated).

- Migrants should come and work here only if we do not have people who can do those jobs.

- Migrants should not be able to access our NHS and benefits system without 5 years of paying Tax and NI. That would stop the problems we have in Hexthorpe and places like it.

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