General Election 2017: Doncaster Central candidate profiles

General Election 2017: Doncaster Central candidates
General Election 2017: Doncaster Central candidates

Doncaster goes to the polls to elect three MPs next month in the general election.

Voters in the Don Valley, Doncaster North and Doncaster Central constituencies will all decide who they sent to parliament to represent them on June 8.

We have approached all the candidates and gave them 200 words to explain why they deserve your vote. We are publishing the views of all those who responded to our request.

Here we take a look at the candidates for the Doncaster Central constituency, listed in alphabetical order.

Then, the choice will be yours at the ballot box.

Polls open at 7am on Thursday, June 8. Visit to find your polling station.

Alison Brelsford, Liberal Democrat

I’m a married mother of two boys, one of whom is disabled and the other is doing his GCSEs and like all parents I want the best for my children. I am proud as a Liberal Democrat that during the Coalition Government my party insisted that per pupil funding was protected, all infant school pupils received a healthy hot meal at lunch times and the attainment gap between rich and poor pupils began to close as a result of the £2.5billion pupil premium.

Now Theresa May wants to scrap free school meals, which saves hard working families £450 a year. Whilst funding per pupil is set to see the biggest cuts in a generation, billions of pounds are being spent on divisive plans to expand grammars and free schools.

The Liberal Democrats on the other hand would invest an extra £7 billion of funding in our schools, twice as as Labour, to ensure no school and no child loses out.

I’ve served communities in South Yorkshire as a local councillor for nearly 20 years, and now I’m ready to fight for the young people of Doncaster in Parliament. Only the Liberal Democrats would reverse crippling Conservative cuts.

Tom Hunt, Conservative

The three key issues that I’m campaigning on are: Ensuring that the people of Doncaster Central get the Brexit they voted for, backing the veteran community and calling for more investment in apprenticeships and skills for the next generation.

The people of Doncaster voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU. However, the job is not done! The Brexit talks have not even started.

As someone who campaigned for Brexit, if elected next month I will be a strong voice in Parliament calling for the restoration of full border controls and will fight against any attempts by Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour to frustrate Brexit or water down the Brexit deal.

A vote for Labour locally is a vote for Jeremy Corbyn to be our chief negotiator during Brexit talks.

Having engaged with the veteran community here in Doncaster, it’s clear that many feel that they have been let down both locally and nationally. If elected, I will be their champion.

I was very happy with the Prime Minister’s focus on apprenticeships in the Conservative Party manifesto. If elected, I will work to ensure that this leads to a boost in the availability of good quality apprenticeships on the ground here in Doncaster.

Eddie Todd, independent

I'm a Doncaster businessman who knows more about Doncaster than any other candidate.

The political parties are in contest with each other and really they are not interested in the people or the areas of the UK.

If you're unsure of which party you're going to vote for, vote For Eddie Todd, the man who cares.

Chris Whitwood, Yorkshire Party

I am a trained primary school teacher and I am standing for election because I believe Doncaster deserves better. Our town has been neglected for far too long. As your Yorkshire Party member of parliament, I would seek to reverse this neglect.

I will call upon the government to deliver fair funding to schools in Doncaster. It is unacceptable that both Labour and the Conservatives continue to use a system which judges a child in Doncaster to be worth only half as much as a child in London.

I will demand that our exit from the EU, and the negotiation of any future trade agreements, benefit Yorkshire.

Finally, I will campaign to establish a Yorkshire Parliament: not another layer of bureaucracy but a replacement of ineffective and divided local councils. It will provide one united and powerful voice to Yorkshire.

The outcome of this election is a foregone conclusion. The question is do you want an MP who will spend the next five years moaning in opposition, or will you vote for a Yorkshire​ Party candidate who will stand up for the people of Doncaster? The choice is yours.

Dame Rosie Winterton, Labour

I am proud to have been MP for Doncaster Central, my hometown, since 1997.

During my time as MP I have helped thousands of people, brought jobs to the town, campaigned against cowboy wheel-clampers and nuisance callers. I have been an advocate for Doncaster communities, local charities and businesses.

I want to see in Doncaster:

- A properly joined up health and social care service

- Class sizes capped and school funding protected, investing in our next generation.

- A living wage of £10 an hour and ending zero hour contracts.

- Housing that young people can afford so they can get onto the housing ladder.

If re-elected I will:

- Get the best Brexit deal for Doncaster, protecting your rights at work and strengthening the local economy.

- Protect the triple lock on pensions.

- Fight Tory plans to means-test winter fuel allowance and Theresa May’s cruel ‘dementia tax’, which would force people to sell their family home to pay for social care.

- Support Labour Mayor Ros Jones to bring the HS2 Rail College and jobs and investment to the borough.

- Fight Tory cuts to school funding.

Doncaster needs a strong, local voice in Parliament - with your support, I will be that voice.

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