DONCASTER NORTH: Will Ed Miliband hold on to the seat for a fifth term?

Former Labour leader Ed Miliband might be concerned about losing his seat ... if the opinions of a select few are any indication.

Friday, 6th December 2019, 4:00 pm

Incumbent Miliband holds a 14,000 plus majority. But from what voters said on Mexborough High Street, it could be closer race.

Michelle White, 56, said she was a lifelong Labour voter but has voted against them in the recent past.

"It was always Labour for me around where I live but I've switched to the Conservatives and I'll be voting for them again this time as well," she said.

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Michelle White
Michelle White

"Most of my family and my children used to be Labour but I've seen the change-over.

"Jeremy Corbyn, in my opinion, isn't fit to be Prime Minister.

"I voted for Brexit and we need to get out like we voted. The Conservatives are the best option on that front."

Yvonne Hudson

Yvonne Hudson, aged 56, is another former Labour voter who has switched to the Tories.

"I think Corbyn is one of the most arrogant people I've ever come across who wants to lead this country - It's scary thinking about him as Prime Minister," she said.

"It's not just about the man and his position on Brexit, it's other policies I don't agree with.

"Boris Johnson is no angel either but at least he stands up for our country."

Paul Tatum

Paul Tatum, 34, said he was thinking about not voting due to the current discourse and division in politics today.

"If I had to lean somewhere it would probably be Labour but the political climate is just ridiculous at the moment.

"I witnessed a conversation about politics recently and a man turned round and said something like: ‘Your opinions are wrong’.

Maclom Lawton

"I just thought, what is the point if people don't even listen to other people's point of view?

"The Labour party appeals to me the most, I've voted for them before but you just think if you can actually trust any of them to be honest.”

Former miner Malcolm Lawton, 73, said he likes incumbent Ed Miliband but cannot vote for him because of Corbyn.

“I think Ed (Miliband) is a good bloke but I’m not a fan of Corbyn.

“I can’t vote for the Conservatives, I remember what they did under Thatcher. I’ll probably vote Brexit Party.”

The candidates for Doncaster North are:

- Wendy Bailey - Independent

- Frank Calladine - English Democrats

- Stevie Manion - Yorkshire Party

- Ed Miliband - Labour Party

- Joe Otten - Liberal Democrats

- Katrina Sale - Conservative Party

- Andy Stewart - Brexit Party

- Eddie Todd - Independent

- Neil Wood - Independent