Doncaster Council respond to ‘gossip and hearsay’ over plans to demolish Mexborough flyover with Q&A

Doncaster Council has responded to a number of calls from people after they announced a traffic flyover in Mexborough needs to be pulled down for safety reasons.

By George Torr, Local Democracy Reporter
Monday, 21st February 2022, 3:20 pm

Bosses said they needed to respond to so-called ‘gossip and hearsay’ and explained why people were still allowed to walk over it but banned vehicles from crossing.

Highways engineers don’t have a date for demolition but expect the flyover to come down within the ‘next couple of months’.

Was the flyover maintained sufficiently?

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All the bridges in Doncaster are inspected every two years as part of our regular inspection, service and maintenance schedule. When the Mexborough Flyover was inspected in May 2021 there were serious structural defects detected which is why it was closed to vehicular traffic in order to enable a full structural survey to be undertaken and options to be drawn up for its future.

If it needs to be demolished urgently for safety, why are motorists still able to drive under it and why are pedestrians able to walk under and over it?

The inspection of the flyover in May 2021 and monthly inspections since have assessed that it is still safe to walk over and under and drive under but it is the weight and movement of vehicles on top of the flyover that would pose the risk, hence why it has been closed to vehicular traffic since May.

Why did most people hear on the ‘pub grapevine’ that the flyover was getting demolished back in December 2021?

The flyover in Mexborough is going to be pulled down to due safety concerns. Highways engineers said they don't have a timeframe but hope demolition will take place in the next couple of months.

The decision to demolish the flyover was made at an informal meeting with ward members, Mayor Ros, highways engineers and other council officials on Wednesday, February 9 2022, so the ‘pub grapevine’ was nothing more than gossip and hearsay.

When is the flyover getting demolished and how long will this take?

The demolition of the flyover is being procured as a matter of urgency, once we have a chosen contractor we will know when it will be demolished and how long it will take, this will be communicated once all the details are known but we hope that it will be demolished within the next couple of months.

How long will it take to decide on an alternative?

Mexborough councillors Andy Pickering, Bev Chapman and Sean Gibbons on the campaign trail in the run up to the local elections back in April 2021.

The Public Transport study is due to start imminently and will run until the end of March. This will inform the masterplan proposals on how to improve access into the town centre, including better linking the railway station, proposals for a new bus interchange and how to provide more active travel opportunities.

When will the Masterplan be ready for further consultation with residents and businesses?

Following the Transport study, the masterplan proposals will be tweaked to take into consideration the findings of the study before going out to consultation. The issues in relation to the flyover and the multi- story car park has caused the significant delay to the masterplan, but it also provides opportunities to look at town centre access without the flyover and how the town centre can be better linked and fit for the future.

Doncaster's elected Mayor Ros Jones