Doncaster Council pays over £2 million in salary and pension to just 18 members of staff

Doncaster Council are paying £2 million to just eighteen members of staff, new figures show.

By George Torr
Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 12:22 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 12:29 am
(Top to bottom) Chief executive Jo Miller, director of people Damian Allen, director of regeneration and environment, Peter Dale and director of corporate resources Debbie Hogg
(Top to bottom) Chief executive Jo Miller, director of people Damian Allen, director of regeneration and environment, Peter Dale and director of corporate resources Debbie Hogg

Data from Doncaster Council and the Taxpayers’ Alliance, shows outgoing chief executive Jo Miller earns £164,000 in basic salary with a pension contribution of £21,101 a year. 

Damian Allen, director of learning and opportunities, who is responsible for both adults and children’s services, earns £124,000 in salary with a £18,840 pension contribution.     

Director of regeneration and environment Pete Dale, who is responsible for areas such as waste, fly-tipping, development, highways and housing, is paid £124,000 along with a £16,853 pension top up.    

Debbie Hogg, who is in charge of legal, finance, IT and HR in her director of corporate resources role, is also paid £124,000 with pension contribution similar to Mr Dale’s.

Phil Holmes, who joins from Sheffield Council, is also paid £124,000 in his role as director of adults health and wellbeing.

Dr Rupert Suckling, director of public health is paid £93,000 with a pension top-up of £14,242   

Steve Mawson, chief financial officer is also paid £93,000 a year with a pension contribution of £12,801. 

Scott Fawcus, assistant director for legal and democratic services, also receives £93,000 with £12,499 in pension payments. 

A further 10 employees in various assistant director roles are paid a basic salary of £93,000 a year. The figures do not include a pension contribution if any. 

Comparing Yorkshire, Leeds has the most employees who receive over £100,000 per year with 19 and the biggest remuneration package was paid to Bradford Council’s chief executive at £228,489. 

But the largest salary and pension package in the UK was handed to Slough Council’s chief executive who received a whopping £595,077. 

John O'Connell, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “The average council tax bill has gone up by more than £900 over the last twenty years and spending has gone through the roof.

“Disappointingly, many local authorities are now responding to financial reality through further tax rises and reducing services rather than scaling back top pay.

“Despite many in the public sector facing a much-needed pay freeze to help bring the public finances under control, many town hall bosses are continuing to pocket huge remuneration packages, with staggering pay-outs for those leaving their jobs.

"There are talented people in the public sector who are trying to deliver more for less, but the sheer scale of these packages raise serious questions about efficiency and priorities."

Jill Parker, assistant director of HR, communications and the executive office, said: “Ensuring we have the right skilled and experienced people in place is vital if we are to move the council forward and effectively deal with the challenges ahead and deliver services differently.

“Our senior management levels are continually reviewed as we re-shape services and since 2011 considerable savings have been delivered with approximately 50 per cent reduction in salary costs at head of service level and above, with leadership posts equating to one per cent of overall staff numbers. 

“Furthermore, year on year we continue to close the ratio between the highest and lowest paid employees and this year has been no exception.”