Don Your Way column: No, Doncaster Council isn’t to blame for absolutely everything in Doncaster!

In this day and age of making sure blame is apportioned for anything and everything, Doncaster Council, perhaps understandably, comes in for its fair share of stick.

Thursday, 2nd May 2019, 11:02 am
Updated Thursday, 2nd May 2019, 10:06 am
Doncaster Council isn't at fault for everything, says Darren Burke

Holes in the road, rubbish on the streets, pollution, anti-social neighbours, if there’s something going on in your neck of the woods that you don’t like, invariably, its the authority that gets fingers pointed in its direction as the culprit.

More often than not, with some of those instances, Doncaster Council might well be to blame and its right to go knocking on their door.

But in recent months, I’ve noticed the council’s name being sullied unnecessarily.

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And that’s by people who seem to think that the council is solely and wholly responsible for absolutely everything that goes on in Doncaster.

A case in point last week.

South Yorkshire Police announced it was considering getting rid of its ageing College Road HQ and replacing it with a new one.

Within moments of the news breaking (and nothing has even been decided yet) people were wading in on Facebook, accusing the council of needlessly wasting money on a new building.

But it’s nothing to do with them. Any cost (admittedly, still from the public purse) wouldn’t come from Doncaster Council.

And the same goes for a new cinema plan for the Frenchgate Centre. Again, negative comments rained in on the authority wasting cash – why not open libraries, spend it in on road repairs, kids, old people?

Conveniently ignoring that such a plan has absolutely nothing to do with being paid for and funded by Doncaster Council. Its a private scheme – and naturally, those firms are free to spend their money on whatever they see fit to boost the town.

Even when people chipped in pointing out that the council isn’t behind every single building project within the town’s boundaries, there were still plenty prepared to stick their fingers in their ears and ignore what was being said.

Doncaster Council has made many blunders over the years and will probably make many more in the years to come. It has its faults. Its not perfect.

Sometimes, it deserves the kicking it gets, whatever it might be for, although there’s probably a fair few out there who think the authority has never done any wrong.

But please try to understand that if a new shop, pub or private business springs up, don’t automatically think its a case of the council splurging cash it doesn’t have when its just something that it has zero to do with.

Knock the council when it needs knocking by all means, but don’t just knock it for the sake of knocking it.