DON VALLEY: Residents reveal the issues that will determine who gets their vote in next week's general election

Strong opinions on leaders, political apathy, and despair over Brexit is likely to dominate the thinking of Doncaster’s electorate as they head to the polls for a Christmas time general election.

Thursday, 5th December 2019, 4:00 pm

Doncaster, once a massive Labour stronghold looks more and more closely contested.

In an area once dominated by coal mining and the huge anger towards Margeret Thatcher and her government, people are now openly saying they will back the Conservatives.

The borough voted nearly 70 per cent to leave and Boris Johnson’s Brexit message seems to resonate. They’re keen to take advantage.

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Daniel Athey

But not everyone is keen. Plenty will no doubt vote Labour come December 12.

Although Jeremy Corbyn is a polarising on with voters in this part of the world. This will be no easy ride for the three incumbent Labour candidates.

Don Valley with Labour incumbent Caroline Flint is predicted to change hands to the Conservatives … if you take the polls as gospel.

If this happens, Doncaster will elect its first Conservative MP since Anthony Barber in 1955.

David Broad

The constituency includes Conisbrough, Denaby, Edlington, Warmsworth, Finningley, Hatfield, Rossington, Thorne.

Conisbrough is an area of interest come the election. An area with three Labour councillors and a big EU referendum leave vote.

Lee Rodgers, aged 47, standing on Church Street, said he was planning to vote Labour.

"I've always voted Labour and I will do again this time around," he said.

Val Finnan

"We need a better NHS, that's something which is important to me and I don't think it's very good at the moment under the Conservatives."

Also with Lee outside the Sainsbury's Local in Conisbrough is his son Tyler, 21. He said he was currently receiving Universal Credit and is struggling to find work.

"I'll be voting Labour as well," he said.

Thomas Kendall

"I think they are best suited to help me and I think Boris Johnson is just stupid."

David Board, 66, said he wasn’t so sure on Corbyn but didn’t know if he could bring himself to vote Tory.

“I’m a bit unsure to be honest with you,” he said.

“I don’t know what I’ll do really. I’ve always voted Labour. I just keep seeing things from Corbyn saying he’s going to give out all this free stuff and I keep thinking, what next?”

Across the road waiting for a bus is Shaun Campbell. The 55-year-old supermarket worker said he spent 30-years in the RAF and is voting Conservative.

"I'm concerned about Corbyn, he's not pro-military with some of his past affiliations and with me being ex-forces, that doesn't sit well with me.

"I have sympathy with Caroline Flint because I think she's been a good MP but I can't vote for her because of Corbyn."

At the same bus stop, Thomas Kendall, 23, is backing Labour and Corbyn come December 12.

"I want to get Johnson and the Tories out. Labour are in the best position to do that," he said.

"I do trust Corbyn way more than Johnson and I think Labour's policies are really appealing to me."

Val Finnan, 72, also said she feels 'politically homeless'.

"I've voted Labour all my life but Corbyn hasn't got the gusto to be leading our country in my opinion," She said.

"I don't think he carries himself very well. But I don't think I could vote for the Conservatives, they're more interested in making the rich richer and the poor poorer.”

The candidates for Don Valley are:

-Mark Alcock – Liberal Democrats

- Nick Fletcher – Conservative Party

- Caroline Flint – Labour Party

- Chris Holmes – Yorkshire Party

- Kate Needham – Green Party

- Paul Whitehurst – Brexit Party