‘We have had cast off buses from Aberdeen!’ – Deputy mayor on transport funding bid for Doncaster

Doncaster’s deputy mayor revealed the borough has received ‘cast off buses’ from as far afield as Aberdeen.

Monday, 10th June 2019, 5:41 pm
Deputy mayor Glyn Jones has said transport across Doncaster needs to improve
Deputy mayor Glyn Jones has said transport across Doncaster needs to improve

Speaking after all four councils in South Yorkshire under the Sheffield City Region banner submitted a £200 million bid to Government for transport improvements, Coun Glyn Jones said the ability to get around the borough ‘needed to improve’.

He said there was no reason why Doncaster and South Yorkshire should be able to get more brand new clean, green buses and the ability to improve routes for people to access where jobs are.

Deputy mayor Jones said the agreement between the four councils in relation to the £200 million Transforming Cities Fund bid had shown ‘what the county can do’ when they get together to ‘sort things out’.

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The deputy mayor said Doncaster had received second hand buses from Aberdeen (pictured) in the past.

Historically, the region has been divided on how the process of devolution should proceed.

Doncaster mayor Ros Jones also said the council was in the process of developing its own transport strategy which will be made public ‘later this year or early next year’.

The plan aims ‘link up with the rest of South Yorkshire and beyond’ with plans to improve connectivity and accessability to smaller railway stations across the borough.

She also called for more transport decisions to be devolved to regions from Government.

“There was concensus from all the councils for what we put forward and it only can be good for the whole of South Yorkshire,” Deputy mayor Glyn Jones said on the issue of the Transforming Cities Fund transport bid.

“It shows what we can do when we are at mind to sort things out. Everyone can see what’s for the mutual benefit of everybody else and if there’s an opportunity to bring that forward, then it’s great.

“Transport in Doncaster does need to improve it needs modern buses it needs modern routes that are applicable because some of them in places where a lot of jobs are they’re not best served.

“We do need a shake-up – it’s all well and good getting cast offs from anywhere and everywhere else – that doesn’t add to our green credentials.

“We’ve had old buses from as far afield as Aberdeen – I’m not knocking other areas but why can’t we have the new stuff that is clean and green which has modern facilities such as Wifi.

“You find these things in other areas, why can’t we have some more of that.”

Doncaster mayor Ros Jones added: “We also need proper real-time information for people – this does happen in some parts but not others. People will feel confident if they have that information.

“Bearing in mind Doncaster has the highest percentage of highways in South Yorkshire, with rural and urban areas it all needs to be serviced properly.”