Doncaster's CCTV command centre is getting an upgrade

Doncaster’s central CCTV command centre is getting an upgrade.

Tuesday, 11th June 2019, 5:52 pm
Updated Tuesday, 11th June 2019, 5:55 pm
CCTV cameras were installed around the centre of Conisbrough back in February. Picture: Marie Caley/Doncaster Free Press

The control room, operated by Doncaster Council in the town centre monitors traffic flows and can alert South Yorkshire Police to potential crime spots and ‘avoid false alarms’. 

A report shows the current software used to operate and capture images on the CCTV cameras will undergo an overhaul which makes it more compatible with modern and future technology. 

Officers believe the upgrade will result in the operations room to become ‘cost neutral’ as the council charges ‘customers’ – including council partners and public sector organisation - to monitor their own CCTV. 

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In turn, bosses say this could help to replace and pay for new CCTV cameras across the borough. 

The council operates 147 cameras including 65 in the town centre and others in Mexborough, Thorne, Moorends and Conisbrough.

Another 54 operate mainly around Doncaster Dome/Vue Cinema area and surrounding main roads. 

A council spokesman said the costing for the new software had not yet been finalised. 

Debbie John-Lewis, interim assistant director of communities at Doncaster Council, said: “The right to feel safe and secure is a fundamental principle of a healthy and functioning society.

“With the new provider for town surveillance, the council can help in keeping the public safe, while at the same time respecting personal integrity and not monitoring more than necessary.

Using town surveillance is not just about protecting the public from crime or keeping treasured buildings safe from vandalism. It is about making sure the traffic flows and minimising the risk of accidents.

A town that runs smoothly and is perceived as safe can really make a place bustling with life. This in turn gives an overall boost to the town's image and attracts tourists and investors.”