Doncaster Labour councillor Tosh McDonald on local election results: ‘We need a people’s Brexit’

A Doncaster Labour councillor has said the party needs respect the EU referendum result and deliver a ‘people’s Brexit’ moving forward.

Wednesday, 8th May 2019, 5:59 pm
Updated Monday, 13th May 2019, 12:05 pm
Town ward councillor Tosh McDonald

Town ward Coun Tosh McDonald said Labour losing seats in nearby Sheffield and Barnsley did ‘concern him’ but added the party’s performance ‘wasn’t half as bad’ as the Conservatives who lost over 1,300 councillors in local elections on May 2.

Coun McDonald said Labour had some really good results gaining control of Telford, Trafford, Gravesham, High Peak councils amongst others.

But he urged councillors to look out for people who put people in office to serve their communities. The next set of local elections in Doncaster are due in 2021.

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Coun McDonald – a leave voter - said the country needed a ‘people’s Brexit’ and to ‘get out of the EU’. He called on Labour members across the board to respect the position adopted at party conference in relation to Brexit.

The Town ward councillor also urged members to choose Labour candidates ‘wisely’ who will be standing in Doncaster local elections in 2021.

“We haven’t done half as bad as the Tories but listening to the mainstream media, you would think we have,” he said.

“We have lost councillors but the vast majority has been on the Tory side.

“Moving forward, we’ve got to stick to our party’s policy which we signed off at conference on the EU and Brexit.

That is we try and get a people’s Brexit, failing that we try and get a general election and the last thing down the line – and it’s about the fifth item – is that we would reopen the option of a second referendum.

“I think people are scared about that because there are certain elements within the party who are ignoring other parts of the policy what was passed at conference.

“People are fed up of referendums because it’s the last thing the country needs. We need to bring Britain back together.

“Next year Labour branches in Doncaster will be selecting candidates to stand in the 2021 council elections and I hope members will honour the party commitment on Brexit and choose wisely for the candidates who respect the referendum result.”

Councillor McDonald on Labour losing seats in nearby Sheffield and Barnsley, said: “What I would say to the leaders of those councils is and the councillors is are they actually representing Labour party members and working people?

“Too often we’re hurting our own rather looking after people who put us in office in the first place.”