Doncaster Council urged to declare a climate emergency by The Green Party

People across the globe have been striking for climate change.

Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 3:56 pm

None violent protests around the UK brought streets to a standstill and, after Caroline Lucas invited Greta Thunberg to chastise the British government for their inaction, finally, parliament has declared a climate emergency.

Councils across the country are declaring a climate emergency, introducing policies to reduce carbon emissions.

A spokesman said: “It is our belief that it’s at the local level where action needs to take place if we are to avoid a climate disaster. “Every week Doncaster Green Party have been petitioning Doncaster residents who, knowing that we need to act, have been happy to sign, saying something needs to be done.“So now, having secured 1,169 signatures (289 on an on-line petition site) we call on Doncaster council to do their bit, make Doncaster carbon zero by 2030.

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Campaigners outside Doncaster Council

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“Doncaster Green Party call on the council to put carbon reduction at the heart of every decision the council takes, roll out the electrification of its vehicle fleet, ensure a zero-carbon standard for new development, insulating old homes, put further work into reducing food waste across the town, and work to encourage lower emissions. “Effective carbon control action by the council will result in cleaner air to improve resident’s health and wellbeing reducing pressure on the NHS, better quality public transport and cheaper bills for all Doncaster residents.”• The IPCC report (available here) focuses on the impact that 1.5°C would have on the planet compared to 2°C. Some of the key findings were:• Insects and plants were almost twice as likely to lose half their habitat at 2°C compared with 1.5°C warming• Coral populations would be wiped out at 2°C warming but more than 10% would have a chance of surviving at the lower temperature• Global fish stocks would lose 3 million tonnes at 2°C, twice the decline of 1.5°C, due to lower oxygen levels and greater acidity in the ocean• Hundreds of millions more people, particularly in less developed countries, would be at risk of climate-related poverty with a 2°C increase• The global population exposed to water stress would be 50% lower with 1.5°C warming• At current levels, the world is on course for 3°C of warming