Doncaster Council spend £2.1 million on 18 members of staff but ratio between highest and lowest paid is narrowing

Doncaster Council spends £2.1 million on just 18 members of staff but the difference between the highest and lowest paid worker has been narrowing.

By George Torr, Local Democracy Reporter
Thursday, 4th March 2021, 11:23 pm

Reports seen by councillors show Damian Allen the council’s chief executive, is paid £168,755 in basic salary while the lowest full-time salary at DMBC stands at £17,842 – a ratio of 9.46:1 which has narrowed in recent years.

Documents show that 10 directors at the council below Mr Allen earn £127,083 a year while seven assistant directors in each department earn £95,438.

The ratio between Doncaster’s highest and average salaries has remained the same as last year at 6.20:1.

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Doncaster Council's Civic Office

The ratio between the highest salary and the median salary remains at 8.24:1. The ratio between Doncaster’s lowest and average salaries remains at 1.53:1.

The average salary has increased by £745 from £26,492 to £27,237 in line with the council’s pledge to reduce the pay difference and increase low pay.

Many public sector workers face a pay freeze this year despite calls for an increase after a year on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis

The Hutton Review – which was carried out into the pay of public sector workers – considered that the pay multiples should be no greater than 20:1 difference in the highest and lowest paid worker.

Sarah Jones, head of HR and organisational development at DMBC, said: “This authority has a clear commitment to maintain or improve pay multiples as it is conscious of the need to ensure that the salary of the highest paid employee is not excessive and is consistent with the needs of the authority as expressed in this policy statement.

“The authority’s approach to the payment of other staff is to pay that which the authority needs to pay to recruit and retain staff with the skills, knowledge, experience, abilities and qualities needed for the post in question at the relevant time, and to ensure that the authority meets any contractual requirements for staff including the application of any local or national collective agreements, or authority decisions regarding pay.

“The authority continues to take local positive action to address low pay.”