Blueprint for thousands of homes and employment space across Doncaster has been approved by the council

A blueprint for thousands of homes and employment space across Doncaster has been approved by the council.

The Local Plan, which could result in up to 18,000 homes by 2035, was passed by councillors at a recent meeting.

Council bosses said most of the Green Belt will be ‘retained, the vast majority of the countryside is protected, green spaces are safeguarded and nature and biodiversity are encouraged’.

The proposal, which is a roadmap for the development of housing and other infrastructure in certain locations, has been approved by councillors in a final vote. It’s set to be used extensively in future planning committees.

Plans for the future of the town

Councillors made objections to certain housing sites in their respective wards but the draft plan was passed unanimously.

Mayor Ros Jones previously said the Local Plan is a ‘living document’ and will see ‘yearly scrutiny’.

The plan would replace the Unitary Development Plan (UDP).

A variety of colour coded maps have been published outlining where these sites will be.

Coun Nigel Ball, cabinet member for planning, said: “This is a momentous milestone for the future of our borough and everyone who calls Doncaster home. It’s much more than an important planning policy document though.

“It sets out the direction we are heading and helps us deliver our ambitions to make Doncaster a wonderful place to live and experience. A borough that can fulfil its huge potential creating a place residents are proud of and other areas look at with envy.

“The Local Plan has been on a seven year journey since Full Council decided in September 2014 to embark on the time-staking process of pulling it together. The plan has gone through numerous stages of public consultation during its preparation and despite the challenges of the global pandemic we have managed to get it over the line and approved.

“The Local Plan enables us to grow our economy in a sustainable way and provide everything residents need to enjoy living in our borough. It positively plans for new roads and other infrastructure to secure new development and enhance how we move around and access our communities.

“An important role of the Local Plan is helping us to address the climate emergency so our future generations have a future to look forward to.

“Having up-to-date planning policy protects the borough’s green spaces and supports Doncaster as a place where nature flourishes and wildlife can move easily through a network of well-connected green infrastructure. The Local Plan shapes the future of Doncaster.”